Rain Guide for your furry friend: 6 Tips for a Happy Dog

Rain Guide for your furry friend

The four-legged paw pal probably loathes being indoors when the spells of monsoon bring pleasant showers. However, the moment of respite can be short-lived for your furry mate if you choose to ignore hygiene after it comes back after tossing itself joyfully in a puddle. 

While monsoons do bring relief, it is also the season to be extra careful in caring for your pet dog because rains are breeding grounds for diseases and vulnerabilities. Therefore, to protect your pet puppy and keep it safe and sound during the adversities of rainy seasons, here is a list of tips and tricks to jot down:-

Paw Check

The bundle of joy might ignore the aftermath of being bathed and splashed in the rain outdoors, but you should not. The rain brings the floundering piles of mud and swampy, mushy places on the streets. The dog is inherently vulnerable to bacteria and microbes as its exposed paws are magnets for this malice. It is advisable to provide shoes or boots for the dog while it goes for a stroll outside.

And if the furry pal is not docile enough to accept the boots politely provided to it, then it must endure the long procedure of getting its paws washed thoroughly. 

Groom and Cleanse

Always clean the dog and brush its hair well twice a day. Clip the nails, cleanse the dirt in the paws, and, if needed, trim the fur. Avoid keeping the dog wet as moisture in the atmosphere has a tremendous spike during the rainy season. 

It will do no good but pave the way for infections, and also the retained moisture can also deteriorate the quality of the dog’s fur. 

Comb the fluffy armor with a good brush with added benefits and add the layer of confidence with shine while you both gear up to welcome the rainy season!

Diet Chart

Provide a healthy and nourishing diet to your dog during the monsoon. The diet chart should be based on the size of the dog and even the breed. Be well informed regarding what food to feed and avoid. 

Dogs will wag their tail over both the dry and wet food. Its diet should include meat (chicken or lamb), fish, rice, veggies, and fruits. Also, be aware of how much to feed and how many times in a day. The food should have carbs, proteins and be digestible. 

Disease Dents

Your dog might be peculiarly enthralled by the contaminated streams, the puddles so it can thrash and splash and also chase insects. Coming in contact with contaminated water gives rise to waterborne diseases; the dirt surrounding it can lead to skin infections, and interaction with insects can cause infections. 

During monsoon, a dog’s most common troubles are ear infections and the jeopardy of ticks, fleas, and worms. Therefore, always check your dog and its fur well. 

Lightning and Thunder

The pup might find the gurgling skies with splashing lights tantalizing, but it is no hunky-dory time to run wild lightning strikes. However, most of the pets are scared of thunder and lightning strikes. Also, please prepare a cozy place for your dog to snuggle in until the thunder and lighting pass to make it feel safe and secure. 

Vet Visits

Even though your puppy might seem healthy and wealthy, do not ignore Vet calls. Often, the animal that cannot articulate has unstated discomforts or an underlying problem that can only be diagnosed with a veterinarian’s guidance. Also, you can fetch some advice from the doctor regarding the dietary plan and how to take proper care of your pet during the monsoon season. Vet visits can be costly, especially if your pet has a weak immune system, and visits are frequent. This situation is not suitable for everyone’s budget, so pet health insurance is a great option to consider. That way pet insurance provider covers your expenses.

Plus, be regular with pet vaccinations because several times, the cause of the pet being susceptible to diseases was the mere absence of comprehensive vaccinations.  

You can also surf online stores and buy dog supplies at petstock, which the Vet doctors clinically prescribe. The products range from food supplies to pharmaceuticals suited for nearly every condition that a dog might face. Apart from health supplies, you can keep your furry friend indoors, safe, and happy with toys and various games. Remember to take care of both of you and be each other’s companions.