10 App Development Tips to Make It User Friendly

App Development Tips

Crucial elements in an app development project are user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). UI focuses on the interface of the Application. You have to ensure that the App is well customized and easily comprehensible for the target market. UX indicates that the mobile app was developed to meet the customer’s needs and expectations. For a “user-friendly” app, all you have to do is keep the user’s needs at the forefront, make it simple, useful, and solid. From there, you can commence putting your genius to good use.

Before you get down to it, here are some very effective tips that will significantly boost your app design tool and development work, and make it user-friendly.

Make the App worthwhile

Usefulness is one of the main objectives in mobile app development. To start with, an app must provide a solid service to the user in tangible ways. This includes things such as saving the user’s hard-earned cash, time and make life easier in general.

A perfect starting point can be including user value in your elevator pitch. Try addressing an important issue that your business is solving in a single compelling sentence. You can experiment it with your colleagues, friends, family, and some random individuals. You should also remember to test it with people from your target group. Inquire from them if your business model actually makes sense.

Understand your users

As obvious as it may appear, some app developers actually sideline it due to impatience and limited time. You have to let some people from your target group test it before launching the App. However, you must not include colleagues who aided in the App development in any way.

After you have accumulated enough response from your testing group, introduce the necessary recommendations before going live.

Simplify onboarding as much as possible

Forcing users to register in the initial stages of the app creates considerable bounce rates. Consider eliminating any barriers that may impede users. Insisting on their personal or banking details even before they can use the App demotivates users.

It’s advisable to let people like your app first before you can request some commitment details. That is if your app requires any of the said information.

Incorporate the best App development practices

It’s better to follow the footsteps of those Apps that have been widely accepted. There are too many apps out there that have not been as successful. You don’t want to be in this statistics. However, this does not give you the green light to copy the well-off apps. It just means not repeating mistakes done by previous app developers.

Avoid redirect

Linking your App to external websites is very unconventional. A worthy app should come with every element needed by the user to complete their agenda. If it’s not possible to incorporate everything in the app, it’s recommended to limit the options for the user.

Integrate when possible

What this means is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Let’s say you need a chatbot, a payment option, or a file-sharing capability. It’s better to take advantage of tools that are already available and loved by people. These tools will also save your time and resources while making your product better.

Design user touchpoints

Think about some scenarios when a person using the app actually needs its services and prepare fittingly. Consider experimenting with push notifications. Most apps use this mechanism inappropriately or simply overuse it. But when taken advantage of in the right manner, push notifications will draw users back into your product at the exact moment they need it.

People want pretty things, make them

Take care not to underestimate the power of a product that’s attractive. Statistics from Apple Store and Google Play suggest that slick-looking apps usually get above-average downloads. People obviously love good-looking stuff. Take your time and create a stellar design, it will surely pay off.

Develop a safe environment

If you can’t be completely confident of your app’s security, it’ll be wise to incorporate a Google or Facebook login into the app. By doing this, you’ll be outsourcing the security of your users to more secure products.

Listen to your target group

With the current rate of technological advancements, your app should also be evolving with time. Hence, you should keep reading and responding to your users’ suggestions. Cultivate active communication with users and implement their hints in the next update of your app.


Developing an app doesn’t necessarily mean that your business will expand as a result. However, following the above-mentioned hints will significantly boost the growth of your business.