Best 6 Free Apps That Will Transform Your Brand’s Performance

Best 6 Free Apps That Will Transform Your Brand’s Performance

By the end of this article, you will have the chance of boosting your brand’s performance by nearly 30 to 40% because we have shortlisted 6 Free and Amazing Apps that will surely help you grow your business. So stay tuned.

If you want to grow your business or want to get more exposure, you have to create some valuable content or product. Then you have to implement the marketing strategies perfectly. It would be best if you wanted to analyze your brand’s performance using this tool by 4Hub and constantly try to get the best result possible.

And there is no disagreement on the usability of the mobiles and apps in these times. You just can do anything on just your fingertips. All the information and data is just a click away from you. And this is really great!

You can use Apps and Tools to MAximize the performance, like creating valuable content, analyze the overall performance of your Brand, Automate the content distribution. Improve your Sales and Marketing.

And today, we have a very curated list of Best 6 Free and Amazing Apps in 6 Different Categories to help you get the most out of your Brand or Business.

  1. Best App for Email Marketing – Mailchimp 
  2. Best App for Content Creation – Canva 
  3. Best Analytics App – Google Analytics 
  4. Best Payment App – Paypal 
  5. Best Project Management and Organization App – Trello 
  6. Best Communication App – Slack 

So Let’s get started!

1. Mailchimp – Email Marketing

When you are serious about your Brand and want to send direct newsletters to the customers, then this app or service will be very useful for you. Mailchimp allows you to send a direct email to the customers. It can create landing pages and also Facebook ads. Mailchimp helps you to create your own subscriber list, automate email campaigns, and many more.

The interface is very easy to use and extremely user friendly. Their one of a kind templates are expertly planned, and you can even begin free of charge. Effectively arrive at your customers and get new ones as you increment your showcasing endeavors in a snap.

2. Canva – Content Creation

Canva is a super app! It can do anything in designing, and when you use it, you will feel more powered and skillful without having to be an expert in designing. Canva gives you the freedom to create a design as special and fancy as you like. There are hundreds of ready to use templates available that are free to use and easy to use in addition.

With the help of Canva, you can create Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Twitter cover, Youtube thumbnail, Facebook cover, Any presentation, Infographics, Ads, and much more. The new version also allows you to edit videos in it. You can easily create graphics for your Brand and upload them to all social media accounts.

3. Google Analytics – Website Traffic Analysis

When it comes to determining the traffic of your website, from where the visitors are coming, how long they are staying at the page, from what channels people are coming like social platforms, and what is the behavior of the traffic, the only tool that pops up in mind is one and only Google Analytics.

It is the world’s best tech company’s product, and it is something special. It can give you a whole lot of data about your website. Google Analytics, or GA, is an analytics tool that gives you an extremely in-depth look at your website and app performance. It integrates with Google’s marketing and advertising platforms and products (including Google Ads, Search Console, and Data Studio), making it a popular choice for anyone using multiple Google tools.

4. Paypal – Payments

Paypal is used worldwide to send and receive payments. Paypal is used to send and receive payments for your business as well as your friend and family. You can send payment to your client anywhere in the globe through this service and receive your payments from your customer directly in your account from anywhere in the world.

Paypal is extremely easy to use, and you can easily integrate Paypal into your website or app. You can send and receive payments for your business through their business plan. There are over 19 million stores that accept Paypal. With Paypal, you can easily get paid online, get online invoicing, customized checkout, you can also manage day-to-day business needs in Paypal.

5. Trello – Project Management and Organization

If you are having a team in your business and want to manage a task, then trello will be extremely useful for you. Trello is a Project Management and Organization app that allows you to create cards for every project and allows you to make these project cards as descriptive as possible.

The special feature of the trello is you can add your team members and tag them and share them the same task. And whenever you change a card in trello, it reminds every team member via email and messages. You can add lists, comments attachments, bookmarks, due dates, labels, and stickers on the cards.

You can use Trello to organize your life and your daily tasks. It has great features for both personal and commercial use.

6. Skype – Communication

Skype is a well-known video conferencing app and very popular among everyone. Everyone who knows something about working online or video chatting will surely use or come to know about the skype. It has more than 10 Million reviews on Google Play and is still counting.

You can utilize Skype to video or voice call anybody on the planet; get up to 25 individuals together on a call; communicate video, photographs, and records of any size; share your PC screen, and send text or voice messages. Skype can likewise be utilized on Amazon Alexa gadgets.

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So, we have listed the best free apps and services in each category, and any of the choices on our rundown of the best applications for your Brand might be helpful for upgrading your everyday cycles. Also, since the vast majority of these applications are free (or, if nothing else, free with an online membership), there’s no damage in downloading them, giving them a shot, and choosing whether or not they’re ideal for your business. These free services and apps might help your business or brand to grow and find new customers and manage daily operations.