Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time Android

Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time Android

Most screen limit apps are not free to use. Most good apps charge their customers for providing this feature. In this guide, we will update you and tell you the 5 best free apps at limited screen time. There are lots of apps available, and it is challenging to choose which apps will work.

You can limit screen time apps on the child’s phone as it will not develop more habits of using the phone for a longer period of time in children. You are here. You may want to control yourself from using the phone for a long time.

On the other hand, perhaps you are here to use the best apps to limit screen time for your children to Android and iOS.

Best free apps to limit screen time android

In this guide, we will update you with the 5 best free apps, including Breakfree, Dinner Time Plus, Famicef, Ungal, Screentime. These are the best free apps to limit screen time to Android.

In the next part, we will discuss the best free apps to limit screen time on iOS. If you have an iPhone, you will need to install other applications which will be considered later.

1: Breakfree – Parental Control Function

2: FamiSafe app – Effective border screen app

3: Unglue – Set Screen Time Limit

  1. Dinner Time Plus

5: ScreenTime – Best screen limit app

Best Screen Time Apps

Custodio is one of the best screen time apps that is easy to use that helps parents monitor screen time. Qustodio provides powerful monitoring tools and parental controls such as set screen deadlines, filtering out inappropriate content, blocking apps and games. The ability to manage devices on multiple platforms provides additional benefits for the app.

The app helps you understand how your children are using their phones, including apps and the web, so you can set appropriate screen boundaries to manage your online experience. Filtering technology protects children from unsafe material and determines if the material is safe for your child in real-time. Qustodio also blocks inappropriate content in private browsing mode, and enables you to set boundaries for games and apps or even block specific titles altogether. You can monitor your child’s time tracking messages and calls on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp and even set multi-device deadlines.

In addition, you can track your child’s location and use the panic button to call for help in an emergency. While Qustodio Parental Control for iPhone and iPad provides web filtering and timing control for some apps, this Android version offers complete parental control features. This app provides an easy way to turn off in-app purchases completely.

Qustodio’s highlighted feature is monitoring texts and detailed call logs, with the admin panel easily displaying who your child talks to and most with texts.

Qustodio’s visual timeline provides a minute-by-minute review of your child’s online activities, although it can quickly become overwhelming if your children are very active on their devices. The ability to control time and monitor texts is one of the better parent-control applications for mobile.

With Custodio you will have more information to help protect your children from the increasing number of serious online issues such as viewing inappropriate content, cyberbullying, cyber predators and screen addiction.


According to Common Sense Media’s Sierra Filucci, the first step is speaking to young children, providing information and tools to help parents harness the power of media as a positive force in learning Focuses on. Life of children. “And that means not only in terms of the screen, but you do everything in your life,” he says. “If you play football five hours a day, it might not give you enough balance. That way, you can say, ‘Looks like it’s time to turn off the computer. We need to balance the wanted.” It provides you with language. You need “But many parents need more than just philosophical interaction with their children to ensure that the screen time doesn’t get out of hand. Here are four parent-testing systems that you can use to educate your children about technology Can determine the boundaries and limits of use.

The conclusion

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