Leading Mobile Apps for Grocery Delivery in 2024

Leading Mobile Apps for Grocery Delivery

Today, there are multiple options available in the market for grocery delivery. But these examples have been in the market for quite a long time. These fast-delivery app development types can provide the service in a minimum time.

Leading Mobile Apps for Grocery Delivery in 2024

Walmart Grocery

Walmart Inc. operates and owns the supermarket chain and is a multinational retail corporation, including Sam’s Club. Users can buy anything they want from Walmart’s grocery websites, and for easy use, they can also download and install the application and order from there. They also offer users multiple benefits and new membership options with discounts; for instance, when you buy something after making the membership purchase, you can get free delivery on all the shopping in the upcoming year.


It is known as the local grocery store in the US. The same-day delivery app is developed and gives the customer the advantage of getting the urgently needed that day. It is a cheap delivery price application that offers fresh food items to the doorsteps. Users can also pick the desired time and delivery address according to their requirements. Around 100 cities are covered in this application.


It allows users to buy things from various shoppers on the same platform. You can get the items delivered in the minimum 1 hour and delay according to the distance of the store available. The users can even change the order or make changes by contacting the store by SMS or using options available in the application. You can also get free shipping and other discounts on the order at a certain amount for the product.

Big Basket

It is one of India’s top on-demand grocery delivery apps. It has over 100 brands and over 18,000 products. The user can quickly find whatever they want to buy in the application, and the comparison between the two brands can be made on the same platform. It is the easiest and most hassle-free way of buying groceries online with one click using simple payment methods.

Jio Mart

Reliance is one of the big names in the Indian business industry. Talking Jio Mart is like the big bull of the reliance industry. It makes things related to groceries online available to Indian users. It is one of the top trending delivery apps, and it is available for iOS and Android platforms. You can get everything at your place with a single click, whether talking about spices, sanitary goods, or frozen goods.


The app, previously known as Grofers, was founded in 2013 and is one of the consistent choices of users. You can get various things on the same platform, such as fruit or vegetables, at the cheapest rate possible. The app specializes in delivering the items to your place within 10 minutes of the order. This makes it more popular among users for the instant and last-moment plans to make or eat something.

What is the Cost of Developing a Grocery Delivery App?

The budget you are looking for in making the application for your store should be clear in your head from the start. According to that, you can go for fewer or more features to add to it. On-demand Grocery app development company gives an estimate ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. It also can vary, as said, according to the features and elements. It also depends on the team and technology you are choosing.


In summary, a wide range of mobile applications catering to customers’ changing demands and tastes controlled the grocery delivery market in 2024. The intense rivalry between established firms and up-and-coming businesses encouraged innovation and raised the standard of services. Not only did these top mobile applications prioritize user pleasure, cost, and sustainability, but they also offered efficiency and ease. With technology advancing and customer expectations changing, the grocery delivery sector is expected to expand and change even more in the next years, with interesting advancements to look forward to.