15 Best Sites Like 123Movies to Watch/Stream Movies Online 2024


Do you consider yourself as an entertainment and film buff who’s so fond of watching TV shows and movies online? Then you must have heard of 123Movies or at least tried searching for it and start streaming videos. The sad news, however, it was announced that the website is shutting down from the internet world, and users are left bummed by the unexpected news.

Though the site was shut down due to copyright violations, 123Movies is an excellent website after all. Today, it is almost too easy to have access to find the registration-free webpage that will direct you to your favorite shows.

If you are looking for sites like 123Movies, here are a bunch of great alternatives to check out to satisfy your entertainment needs.


vumooVumoo is probably the best 123Movies alternative. The site has an impressive interface which is shared through Netflix, and it displays an outstanding look while offering a good user experience as well.

The site has 4 million traffic per month and has over 70, 000 collection of movies in its database, and you can download all the videos that you want. Though a minor setback is that the site’s content is not updated habitually, but still it has a significant range of shows from the classics to trending ones.


  • Diverse high-quality films to watch.
  • Newly released movies can be watched on this site.
  • Easier access in choosing TV series and movies on its main page.


  • Some of the latest movies are still in CAM quality.

Solar Movie

solarmovieWith a large amount of database and distinct features providing free movies and online streaming without sign-up, Solar Movie has been making movie freaks go wild. With the site’s content that is dispersed through different categories such as TV series, genres, countries, and top IMDb will surely cure your cravings for both under one roof. So, if you want to stay tuned to new releases, it’s a great 123Movies alternative.

Solar Movie is suitable for people who are overfond in watching videos based on genres like drama, fantasy, history, or even animation. The site also allows you to view additional pieces of information connected to a show or video and permits you to watch trailers.


  • Has an organized collection of various TV series, countries, genres, and top IMDb.
  • Free of cost and has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows.
  • High-definition quality streaming.
  • No download requirement.


  • There are times when SolarMovie is inaccessible due to various reasons.


fmoviesCrunchyroll is a great 123movies alternative, where you can find 1,000+ different varieties of movies!  The website is good in online streaming as well as downloading videos, and they also provide subtitles for easier access to various users.

The best part of FMovies besides from providing free content is it allows audiences to view movies without being occasionally interrupted by ads. While that’s a prime factor, you can also filter videos by a vast amount of diverse genres they present that will make you instantly hooked up because of its excellent user interface combined with ad-free setup.


  • New releases and latest movies from cinema are already on this site.
  • You can easily access movies from its main page.
  • You can easily select movies because of the slideshow of the most popular videos that you can pick.


  • Plenty of pop-up ads are appearing when you play a video.


WatchmoviesfreeAs the name suggests, WatchMoviesFree allows its users to watch all types of shows and movies for free. With its visually stunning appeal and interface, the site is considered as an ideal alternative to 123Movies. The quality of the content, as well as its homepage that are updated regularly, is a significant indicator that the site is working well and safe.

Though they will ask you to register and sign up to their site before watching, worry less as it is free of cost and you can still view your favorite movie for free. After signing up, you will notice the feature-rich that the site is providing, so the process is worth to take. Additionally, when you jump from one page to another, there will be no pop-ads that will interrupt you.


  • The site has various favorite movies you can stream and watch online.
  • You can watch movies in HD quality online for free.


  • There are plenty of pop-ups ads when you click something on this page.


popcornflixAnother 123movies alternative that’s completely free is PopCornFlix. People are loving PopCornFlix because of its outstanding user interface and excellent performance when it comes to streaming movies and watching videos online. The site’s library houses interesting content and popular titles across different genres such as Sci-Fi, Drama, Adventure, and Horror, which allows you to discover every type.

Like WatchMoviesFree and Vumoo, PopcornFlix is also up-to-date and maintains its user base expanding. Though, it might be a little sad that some countries are restricted to this site but still, they provide exceptional services to users. Moreover, you can download the app provided by this website to watch movies and TV shows during your leisure time or anytime you want.


  • PopcornFlix has its original shows and contents.
  • The website directory shows the collection of various movie genres.


  • Some countries are restricted to this site.

Sony Crackle

sonySince the media giant Sony established Sony Crackle, it has become the most favorite replacement site to 123Movies that could benefit users by offering free movies online. The website guarantees high-definition and quality video for both TV shows and films of various genres as long as you sign-up and register as a user.

Just like other websites, you can explore and discover contents in different genres, and you also get to stream original media content. However, you need to wait for the ads to end before you can begin watching. But on the positive note, you can download and install their application through your Apple and Android Smartphone to watch videos on the go.


  • All the films and series are sorted depending on the genre you want.
  • High-definition quality for TV shows and movies.
  • You can watch Japanese on this site.
  • You can search for movies alphabetically from A-Z, or Z-A.


  • You need to wait for the ads to end before you can begin watching.
  • Some country is restricted to use Sony Crackle.


Among the best free movies streaming site, GoMovies is always on the list and has a similar visual appeal to the now non-operative 123movies website. GoMovies is constantly being updated and is being hailed as the upcoming 123movies alternative as their fan base is increasing at an expedited rate. GoMovies has a comprehensive and extensive repository of all movies and is updated regularly with new releases. There are also sections on the homepage such as Most Favorite, Most Viewed, Top Rating, and Top IMDb.

On that section, it will show you details on the most hyped and favorite films of all time. In addition to the simple interface, you also get to stream high-quality content and download anything you want. If your preferences are more precise, you can search and browse for movies as the site is categorized in various genres.


  • The site organized the top ranking films of IMDb.
  • You can choose the country you want and its popular movies.
  • The website shows the latest movie news and announcements.


  • TV shows and movies are sometimes buffering.


Not just by the name, 123GoStream also executes and perform just like 123 movies. The site is user-friendly centered, and the collections of movies and TV shows on this website is quite large. They also provide a neat and simple layout which create the navigation process pleasant and secured, which also give them the upper hand over 123Movies.

While surfing on the website, you won’t find any glitches or evident bugs through the site as it is neatly organized. Beyond that, the site also has some cool filters and characteristics in sorting movies by genre, year, country, and language.


  • The website has an extensive collection of different movies and TV shows.
  • 123GoStream presents a clean and straightforward layout of its homepage.


  • May experience slow connection and the movies are sometimes buffering.
  • Pop-ups will show when playing a video.


watch-free.meAs one of the biggest online movies streaming platforms, WatchFree.me provides us the best videos in high-end quality where you can also browse your favorite movies and episodes. You are not also pressured to create an account in order to watch any kinds of TV shows and movies. They also let you access media content without any nagging.  If you are looking for a renowned 123movies alternative, we would also recommend WatchFree.


  • The website is safe for streaming movies.
  • The videos have no advertisements.
  • All high-definition quality movies have been grouped.


  • You need to register for an account for additional features.


zmoviesZmovies has stunning interfaces and content collection that every movie freak shouldn’t ignore. Plenty of entertainment shows and extensive database of videos are stored and collected in this site which you can enjoy for free. Finding pieces of information and details about a particular series or films is easy as they update their site periodically.

The site does not require you to register and sign-up for you to freely enjoy your favorite shows. However, if you want to generate additional features, you have to make an account that will give you access more than just the streaming process. Again this is another 123movies alternative which does not require any registration or subscription.


  • You have the will to choose the year to show its most popular films.
  • The website homepage contains the list of the genre.
  • Zmovies has secured access.


  • The site sometimes asks you to register first before you can watch movies.
  • Users may experience some security issues.


icefilmsIf you are a vintage film fanatic and has a great love for classic films, IceFilms is what you should consider giving a shot. IceFilms is the right place where you can delve right into the site and obtain some treasures of timeless TV shows and movies.

Though you might find the interface entirely out of place, you should never judge a book by its cover. The site has an excellent collection of movies from all the time, making you amused all through the nights and weekends. If you’re a classic film buff, then this site should be at your checklist.


  • Great for watching vintage films and classic TV shows.
  • Has an excellent repository and diverse categories of films from all the time.


  • The homepage is not captivating as its interface is entirely out of the page.
  • Films and TV shows are buffering.


NiterAnother useful and simple replacement to 123Movies is the Niter site, which is essential to those people who stream and watch movies through their mobile phones. Niter has a unique and uncomplicated layout, which makes it easier to access high-definition videos and has a sinister kind of background with a black theme.

The only effort you have to do is to register for an account which is undoubtedly free, and now you have the freedom to watch your favorite episodes. The site keeps its database updated of all the latest and trending series and movies. There is also a section where you can find the recently added videos and read all the information and details related to it.


  • The site organized the films depending on the year.
  • Easier access to finding for the most popular movies.
  • You can view the trailers to check the introduction of the movie.


  • The website has stopped updating the latest films.


It is quite satisfying when you watch a movie online without a single and multiple interruptions. Just like the existence of Putlocker.kz, which is splendid in providing an excellent place to download and stream HD quality series and movies. On top of that, the site also adds content that is perfect for those people who love watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Putlocker.kz permits you to have your hands on the latest and most popular movies. You can also insert subtitles while watching videos and choose to view an episode or a film in preferred video quality across available options.


  • The site is an excellent place to stream and download high-quality movies and episodes.
  • The website has a vast range of films and TV shows.


  • Putlocker has a significant number of pop-up adverts.
  • The website tried to persuade or at times forced users to utilize their downloader tool unnecessarily.
  • Forced redirecting.


yesmoviesWhen it comes to the base of content as well as user experience, YesMovies provide high competition to 123Movies. YesMovies is also the best alternative for 123Movies as it generates almost the maximum users of all and boasting an extensive database. One significant aspect of the website is its faster-streaming speed, and it has lesser advertisements while navigating.

YesMovies is updated every single day with fresh content, which means that you will never miss a thing about the movies you’re most fascinated in watching. TV shows and videos are available and categorized in different genres and countries with their accurate details of released year, length, and IMDb rating.


  • Plenty of high-definition quality movies and TV series.
  • Up-to-date TV series and films.


  • Pop-up ads will show and ask you to allow to reveal the notification, and you have to deal with it first before you can start watching movies.

Snag Films

snagfilmsSnag Films is considered as the oldest yet the best free movie streaming site you can find as the best 123Movies alternatives. In this site, you can find all kinds of documentaries as well as TV shows and Indie films without having to create an account to gain free access. The site’s rich library collects interesting content and popular titles across various genres.

Although there’s an instance where the site is missing some mainstream titles, still it works wonderfully. Other than movies and series, Snag Films also presents its Originals and materials of its own just like Sony Crackle does. You can freely enjoy using the website on your tabs, desktop, and smartphones as it has an official application for iOS and Android users.


  • SnagFilms has its original contents.
  • The website is legit and safe to watch and stream movies online.
  • The site operates using a small library of documentaries and legal films.
  • SnagFilms offers highest quality libraries of any legal free movie streaming site available in 720 and 1080p.


  • The video freezes, and you may get an error when you try to skip and forward.
  • SnagFilms has an extremely stripped-down interface with a few other features.


Soap2Day is often touted as a viable alternative to 123Movies, providing users with free access to a diverse array of movies and TV shows without the need for registration. Boasting a user-friendly interface, Soap2Day allows for easy navigation and content discovery, offering both classic and contemporary releases.

However, users should exercise caution due to the potential legal and security risks associated with streaming from unofficial sources.

The legality of such platforms is often questionable, as they may lack the proper licensing to distribute copyrighted content. Additionally, streaming from these sites can expose users to security threats like malware.

Unreliable availability and potential disruptions, such as takedowns or blocks by authorities, further underscore the risks. From an ethical standpoint, supporting legal and authorized streaming services ensures that content creators are fairly compensated for their work.


FlixTor stands out as a noteworthy 123Movies alternative, offering users a compelling streaming experience with a diverse selection of movies and TV shows. One of its key strengths lies in its user-friendly interface, which facilitates easy navigation and content discovery. FlixTor provides a vast library that includes both classic favorites and the latest releases, catering to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

An appealing aspect of FlixTor is its commitment to high-quality streaming, allowing users to enjoy content in excellent resolution without compromising on visual clarity. The platform also offers features like subtitles, enhancing the viewing experience for a global audience.

Moreover, FlixTor distinguishes itself by ensuring a relatively low level of intrusive advertisements, providing users with a more seamless and uninterrupted streaming experience. This contributes to a user-friendly environment that focuses on the content rather than disruptive ads.

It’s important to note that while FlixTor may be a convenient alternative, users should be cautious about the legal implications of streaming from unofficial platforms. In some cases, these websites may not have the proper licensing for the content they provide, potentially leading to copyright infringement issues.

In conclusion, FlixTor serves as a compelling alternative to 123Movies due to its user-friendly interface, extensive content library, high-quality streaming, and a relatively ad-friendly environment. However, users should always prioritize legal and authorized streaming platforms to ensure a secure and ethical viewing experience.


MoviesJoy emerges as a top-tier 123Movies alternative, offering users a robust and enjoyable streaming experience. What sets MoviesJoy apart is its comprehensive library, which spans a wide array of movies and TV shows, ranging from classic films to the latest releases. This diversity caters to the varied tastes of users, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

One of the standout features of MoviesJoy is its user-friendly interface, making navigation intuitive and content discovery a breeze. The platform provides a well-organized layout that allows users to explore genres, top-rated content, and the latest releases effortlessly.

MoviesJoy prioritizes high-quality streaming, allowing users to enjoy their favorite content in crisp resolutions without compromising on visual clarity. This commitment to providing an excellent viewing experience contributes significantly to the platform’s popularity.

Additionally, MoviesJoy stands out for its minimalistic approach to advertisements. While some free streaming platforms are plagued by intrusive ads, MoviesJoy maintains a balance, ensuring that ads do not disrupt the user experience. This makes for a more enjoyable and uninterrupted streaming session.

It’s crucial for users to be mindful of the legal aspects of streaming from unofficial platforms, as licensing and copyright concerns may arise. While MoviesJoy provides a tempting alternative, users should also consider supporting authorized and legal streaming services.

In summary, MoviesJoy earns its reputation as a standout 123Movies alternative due to its extensive content library, user-friendly interface, high-quality streaming, and a relatively ad-friendly environment.


Hulu stands out as an excellent alternative to 123Movies, offering a diverse range of content and unique features that cater to a broad audience. One of Hulu’s primary strengths is its extensive library of movies, TV shows, and original content from major networks and studios. This vast selection ensures that users have access to a wide variety of genres and the latest releases.

One key feature that sets Hulu apart is its emphasis on providing current-season TV episodes shortly after they air, making it an ideal platform for those who want to stay up-to-date with their favorite shows. The platform’s partnership with major television networks allows it to offer an extensive array of on-demand content, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Hulu’s user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for subscribers to navigate through the extensive catalog. The platform also offers personalized recommendations based on viewing history, providing users with tailored content suggestions.

Another significant advantage of Hulu is its inclusion of live TV streaming, allowing users to access a wide range of channels and live sports events. This live TV feature adds a dynamic element to the streaming service, making it a comprehensive entertainment solution.

While Hulu operates on a subscription-based model, it offers different plans to suit varying preferences, including an ad-supported option and an ad-free premium plan. This flexibility allows users to choose the plan that aligns with their preferences and budget.

In terms of legality and content licensing, Hulu is a legitimate streaming service with agreements in place with content creators. This ensures a secure and legal streaming environment for users.


We all know that 123Movies is a fantastic site for all the series and movie lovers worldwide. However, with the absence of 123Movies, it is wise that you opt into some websites that could provide you excellent user experience as well as offering the best quality of content.

If you are feeling the void left behind by 123Movies, then consider using the best alternative websites mentioned above. Each of the movie sites has its terms and conditions, and they differ to one another. It just depends upon your wish whether you want to create an account or not.