Odoo App Development Trend to Watch out in 2024

Odoo App Development Trend to Watch out in 2024

In the forever growing and dynamic landscape of technology and ERPs, Odoo shines out with its flexibility and capabilities to adapt with the changing flows and needs of the businesses. As the 2024 passes by, it is crucial for businesses, project managers and developers to know what latest advancements are enhancing Odoo’s capability to manage the business processes.

Let us dive further into the New Trends offered by Odoo in 2024:

AI and Automations

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Odoo is making way for maximum automation of business processes, ranging from customer relationship management to resource planning. This will allow repetitive tasks to be automated, further allowing teams to focus on higher value activities.

Odoo is a system where sales predictions could not only be accurate but also integrated into the production process and inventory planning.

Extreme Customization

There has been a significant growth in the demand for customized solutions, and Odoo responds back with a highly modular platform. This trend towards extreme demands for customizations allows businesses to make Odoo a bespoke solution to manage their unique processes and needs without compromising on their business model. This basically highlights the importance for Odoo Consultants and Experienced Developers who are capable enough to turn the unique requirements of their clients to functional solutions.

The Improved UI/UX

User Experience in ERP systems is continuously evolving and improving, with a special focus on more intuitive and engaging user interfaces. Odoo is no exception- with continuous improvements aimed to make navigation and user adaptability much smoother. This trend will not only increase the user adoption but will also improve the user satisfaction.


The growth of Odoo also depends on its ability to seamlessly integrate with a huge range/set of other systems and applications. All credits to the expansion of the APIs, Odoo can easily connect and work with e-commerce tools, social media platforms, and many more systems- helping in centralizing operations and increasing the overall efficiency. This tool focuses on the importance of a well-developed and connected ecosystem around Odoo.

Compliance and Security

Since businesses are increasingly relying on ERPs to handle their business processes and critical operations- security and compliance becomes the matter of utmost importance. Odoo is committed to address these concerns with regular-periodic updates and compliant security measures which ensures sensitive information remains protected and systems are compliant with global and local regulations.

Cloud Based Solutions

As business makes the shift to cloud computing, Odoo’s cloud-based solution has been garnering more and more attention and popularity. Offering Odoo as a SaaS- Software as a Service- platform is basically allowing easy scalability, reduced IT Management Expenses and increased efficiency and accessibility. Companies will now be able to access Odoo while on-the-go, facilitating remote work and global collaboration.

IoT Integrations

The Internet of Things is paving its way towards Odoo Applications- typically for industries like Manufacturing and Logistics. IoT devices can capture and record real time data into your Odoo systems, further enhancing the inventory management, equipment monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

It would be beneficial for a Manufacturing Plant to use IoT sensors connected to Odoo to track their machine performance and schedule their maintenance proactively.

Mobile App Developments

The increasing demand for mobile-friendly Odoo apps has been growing over the period of time. Businesses seek to empower their workforce with on-the-go access to their systems. Development frameworks like Odoo, Flutter or React Native equips the creation of responsive, feature-rich applications. These apps then further allow employees to perform tasks such as inventory updates, sales tracking and customer management directly from their phones.

Keeping up with these Odoo Trends is not only beneficial for developers but is equally important for Business Organizations as well since it maximizes the operational efficiency in the forever dynamic market.