Businesses Excelling The Art of Data Extraction Using ICR Technology

Businesses Excelling The Art of Data Extraction Using ICR Technology

The extraction of data and data entry is a common task in multiple industries and requires time and effort. Many institutions deal with reports, letters, forms, and hard copies of documents on a daily basis. The shifting of paper-text to digital software is a difficult task. 

This is why enterprises are now shifting to look into long-term sustainable solutions that offer finer resource planning so that clients can avail a friendly experience. The incorporation of ICR technology allows corporate sectors to catch the root cause of all its issues and provide solutions. But with ICR technology, businesses can robustly simplify their data processing mechanism daily. 

Why is ICR Technology Better Than OCR?

OCR is most importantly used in data extraction from printed text. The documents that can be scanned through OCR technology are the following, mechanism daily, written text can be encrypted into text. 

  1. ID documents
  2. Passports 
  3. Invoices
  4. Printed documents 
  5. Bank papers
  6. Medical reports

Although OCR technology has many benefits it only converts those papers into text that does not have cursive handwriting. The technology is font sensitive and does not operate well enough on text written by hand. Furthermore, if the quality of the image is low then the performance of technology gets affected. 

This is why the ICR app is a better choice because it takes control of cursive handwritten documents whereas OCR is unable to be efficient enough. 

What Is ICR Technology And How A Business Can Benefit From It?

The abbreviation of Intelligent Character Recognition is ICR and it is the sub-category of OCR technology.  ICR services read the text through AI text recognition software that analyzes and understands the information extracted by allowing computers to do so. The intelligent document recognition technology recognizes diversified fonts and patterns of multiple languages with multiple font styles effortlessly. The exact and efficient gathering and analysis of the data are beneficial for the growth of the business. 

Businesses that can profit from ICR technology deal in many forms of text such as handwritten text, printed text, and multiple language text. Institutions such as government institutes, banks, regulatory firms, and healthcare sectors all use ICR services. Some famous technologies that have incorporated ICR into their system are translation applications and identity verification services. Identity verification services have incorporated the technology to provide robust and effortless client onboarding experiences to businesses that handle chunks of data on a daily basis. 

All companies and firms can use the ICR app because it provides robust data extraction and which has minimum to no chance of error. The additional benefit is to avoid mistakes such as human errors through the use of AI-based text recognition technology. 

Benefits Of Incorporating Intelligent Character Recognition

There are countless benefits to ICR technology because it uses artificial intelligence technology to produce efficient text conversion. 

Fast technology 

The app is responsible for providing text recognition within minutes even when the data is in the form of handwritten text. The data retrieved from ICR can be in any form such as images, printed or handwritten texts. Furthermore, the technology can understand texts in multiple languages and successfully extract them. The data extraction and input method through ICR technology are prone to errors and mistakes. 

The productivity of organizations can be enhanced

The management of every piece of data can be tiring and time-consuming and can drain a lot of energy. The employees responsible for multiple tasks and manual data extraction suffer immensely and face low creativity and productivity levels. ICR technology can increase the productivity and creativity of the organization rather than squandering their resources on useless products. 

Increases user experience

ICR character recognition software allows firms to make their user experience better and make them reliable swiftly and effortlessly. When customers get an enhanced experience, the customer turnover rate increases resulting in a more successful firm. 

Saves time 

Manual data entry and extraction takes a lot of time whereas data entry through intelligent OCR technology helps in saving time for enterprises. Managing the customers’ data becomes easy and when a customer asks for some information the data can be retrieved promptly.


Another significant advantage of ICR technology is how cost-effective it is. Manual data input requires a human task force and stockpiles of useless paper. This destroys the environment in general and also the workplace environment that needs to hire a separate room to store these piles of paper. Furthermore, it is very difficult to find data from these documents when required promptly. 

To Summarize

Businesses are relying on technological advancements to make their workplace employee and user-friendly. The AI-powered ICR technology allows enterprises to perform and manage their daily tasks without difficulty. Therefore, ICR solutions are all about having an accurate system that is better than the services OCR technology provides.