Don’t Let Your Disability to Ruin Your Chances of Being ‘An Entrepreneur’


Have you ever heard the name, David Neeleman?  

You may be or may not be. Ok, let us tell you about him. He is the founder of JetBlue. You will be surprised to know that he was suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). In this condition, people usually fail to focus on a particular thing.

But despite having a disability, he becomes one of the successful businessmen in the world. So, you can see if you are willing to do something, then you can achieve it, irrespective of the condition. Though, you have to take some crucial steps, particularly related to money.

Your financial scenario may resist you to take step BUT you do not have to back off. There are many ways such as borrowing money from friends and relatives through which you can manage spending.

However, keeping an alternative of anything is always good. Many such situations occur where your close one won’t able to help you. Don’t worry, opt for loans for bad credit with no guarantor requirement.

Now, let’s put light on the ways which can help you set up a small business…

Tip 1: Owing to a franchise 

Sometimes it becomes too difficult for the individual to start a business from scratch. And it is like adding more problems to your life. You already suffering from your own problem and in this situation, starting a fresh business can lead you many health problems.

It would be better if you own a franchise. This will give you multiple benefits like you are getting already established branding, marketing efforts, and guaranteed assistance. Though the profit will be less but it is less risky and safe for you.

Tip 2: Start house based business

If you think you are not comfortable with the business where you have to buy a franchise, start from your house. But it is not that easy to start from a scratch, you have to consider so many points before you put your leg in.

You might not have any idea about these points but you do not have to worry because we have covered all-important things. Read the below-mentioned points carefully…

  • Interest

It is very important to identify the sector in which you can serve selflessly. Sometimes people follow the path followed by successful entrepreneurs. And this is one biggest mistake done by new comer. You can learn from them but you cannot copy them.

  • Niche

Once you find out your interest, then the next step is choosing a niche.

This one is the basic and one of the most important parts of the start-up. You have to do proper research about the niche or topic. It should be popular such as fitness, babysitting, make-up and many more. Before you proceed, you can check on Google that how popular your niche is.

Tip 3: Health should be top on the list 

This tip is useful for everyone it does not matter you are healthy or not. Sometimes people overlook their health and involve in their business too much. It is an obvious reason that to become successful, you have to work day and night.

Nevertheless, do not forget that you are still suffering from a major problem. So, give equal time to your body and your idea. It will provide you the strength to beat any problem whether it is related to work or family.

Tip 4: Funding

There is one major question arises for those, who are disabled and lost their job.

How to get financial support? 

You don’t have to be anxious because there are several ways to grab funds. And it depends on you, how you will use them; you can either use on your business or household expenditure.

Ways to arrange fund can be as:

  • Approach crowd funding or angel investor
  • Unemployed loans offered by many online lenders in the UK with no guarantor. 
  • Sell unnecessary stuff

You can see that your physical problem will never able to resist you from getting success. All you need proper research, plan, and dedication. And do not ignore your health because it is the only thing which will help you in long race.