Top 10 Websites Like Putlocker


Binge-watching is a favorite hobby for many of us especially when there’s nothing to do. With 24×7 internet, it has certainly become possible to stream movies online on websites.

Potluck is a famous website for online movie streaming. However, due to its popularity, many service providers have blocked access to the Putlocker.

Therefore, today we decided to share with you the top 10 alternatives of Putlocker. Curious to know? Well, before we get deeper into the blog, we decided to share with you what exactly Putlocker is.

Without further ado, let us check out the blog!

What is

Putlocker is a very popular and online movie streaming website especially for the movies, television series, and many other entertainment media.

The website originated from the United Kingdom in early 2011.  It was gaining so much of reputation that the internet provider has to shut down due to millions of visitors.

7 Good Putlocker Alternatives to Stream Movies Online

There are many other online streaming sites that offer as much or even more content as Putlocker. In this article, we list 7 such sites.

#1. FMovies 

The first option we are sharing with you is the FMovies. The website interface is user-friendly and possesses a huge collection of Hollywood movies.

However, sometimes it will take much time to load and other time it works quickly. Somehow, the categories of the Fmovies is sorted out which makes it a great alternative for the Putlocker.

#2. Niter

Another site to watch the movies is the Niter where one can start watching the movie and of course, TV shows for free.

The main drawback of the Niter is the dark theme which makes it tricky to view the shows. Besides, most of the content is available from the US. Hence, it a good alternative of Putlocker.

But, if you wish to view other the US-based shows, then Niter is not for you.

#3. 123 Movies 

123Movies has become a popular alternative for the Putlocker. It is a famous online streaming choice where you can find plenty of movies and TV series.

Though the website faces many problems and gone down many times, 123Movies has changed the different URL.

The layout is the same as the Putlocker and it’s easy to navigate. Besides, you can also watch movies and series from different countries. All you need is to change the region and there you go!

#4. Hulu 

Another great alternative of the Putlocker is the Hulu. It provides you the access to the latest information, shows, and of course movies.

The only disadvantage of using the Hulu that it’s available only in the USA and Japan for free.

For other areas and countries, there are specific plans that start from the $7.99 per month which is only applicable to the TV shows. Other than that, you can watch TV shows and movies for free that can be watched for free.

#5. Solar Movie

For someone who absolutely loves to watch movies should definitely check out the Solar Movie. It is another high-rated website where the user interface is easy to use and the simple to browse.

You can browse through the multiple content categories to find all the latest TV shows and the movies. If you have a reliable and strong internet connection, then Solar Movie is the perfect alternative of Putlocker for you.

#6. Popcorn Time 

Popcorn Time is a Putlocker alternative which is different from every angle. Whether you consider it the user interface or the content library it provides.

If you want to watch the movies then download the Popcorn Time app and avoid watching it on the browser.

The app is user-friendly and small in size thereby making it super easy to install on the Smartphones and other devices.

#7. Primewire 

With a huge collection of the movies and TV series, Primewire is a website that should checkout. Whether you love Hollywood or perhaps Bollywood, there’s something for everyone on the Primewire – an alternative to the Putlocker.

The layout and design are pretty much outdated which makes the Primewire look boring. Other than that, it is a brilliant choice that provides three types of video qualities i.e. low, medium, and high.

#8. Megashare 

Megashare is a website that provides you freshly brewed content, TV series, and movies from all the different countries.

The UI of Megashare is more organized and polished than any of the websites mentioned over here. In addition to that, the content is well arranged according to a different genre, countries, and alphabetical order. This makes it easy for you to find a movie or TV series.

#9. Los Movies 

Los Movies has an incredible collection of the TV series and movies from all the genres. The best part about Los Movies is that it gives you subtitle options. The search engine offers you to search for the movies and series conveniently.

Again, the drawback of using the Los Movies is that it continues to pop-up the ads, and pop-ups thereon making it suspicious.

#10. CouchTuner 

Last but not least comes the CouchTuner last alternative of the Putlocker. It provides you online streaming of the series and the movies with the high quality of the videos.

It primarily focuses on offering the TV shows but remember it is a pirated website, which means it offers pirated media and other content for the streaming.

While browsing the media, you might come across ads and other sign up options. Avoid it at all the costs. Since, it will only bring malware.

How to Access Putlocker through VPN?

With the help of a VPN, you can access the Putlocker or any other movie streaming online website. It gives the complete safety and permits you in creating the tunnel between the website and you so that no other third person can have access to it.

To access the Putlocker through VPN, you’ll need to get a subscription plan from a trusted provider. Later, download and install it on your device or perhaps configure through a router.

Connect it to the server or more, and then enjoy watching unlimited movies and TV series.

So, that was all about the top 10 alternatives of Putlocker. Alongside, we have also jotted down the way of accessing Putlocker through VPN.

Do try them out and let us know about your experience in the comment section below. Happy binge-watching.