This Valentine’s Day Try These Special Cakes With Your Valentine


As the month of love, February approaches; the zeal among the couples levels up for the momentous week along with the preparation of the upcoming events. From picking a bouquet of roses for Rose Day to selecting a giant fluffy teddy bear for Teddy Day, the confusion list is endless. As the week’s exceptional day arrives, the notion to make it an extraordinary day from his/her usual exhausting day is challenging. So, to add charm and strings of romance, get him/her a beautiful Valentine’s cake/desserts on Valentine’s Day. These will not only surprise your partner but also will make her/him dance on the floor with you.

So, if you are planning to surprise your valentine this Valentine’s Day, here are some engaging cake/dessert ideas that you can adopt to express your love and make him/her over the moon.

  • Romantic Heart-shaped Cakes:

Everyone wants an orderly and happy relationship in life. Even when things go sideways, efforts are made to revive the sweetness in relationships. To bring closeness between the partners on Valentine’s Day, a heart shape is the vital ingredient. Celebrating the day with a heart-shaped cake sums more love, romance and glamour to their celebration. The special thing about this cake is its shape of the heart which holds a special significance in the expression of love and romance.

With the shape of a heart, cakes can be of different flavours. A chocolate flavoured heart-shaped cake is a lethally romantic combination. A strawberry flavoured cake with the same design speaks of true and fathomless love. These cakes will not only elevate your heart but also will pour numerous likes on your social posts. These cakes are also available on online bakery sites which provide comforting online cake delivery in Noida, Bangalore, Delhi and various other cities.

  • Valentine’s Photo Cakes:

Every couple has some unforgettable photo memories which they save to relish for a lifetime. Since those initial days of dating to marriage anniversaries – there is countless pictorial evidence of love, romance, and friendship. So, any such unforgettable photograph can be selected to grace the cake. The couple will remember all those sweet moments of love while cutting and relishing the cake.

The photos are the tokens of love and if you are thinking of cherishing those memories, Valentine’s Photo Cake is the best choice to go with. The most promising part of this cake is that under the photo there is a wide range of flavours. And these flavours will undoubtedly remind you of the moments which you had shared with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

  • Lovely little Cupcakes:

Your love means everything to your partner, which doesn’t differentiate with the size of your presents. A thought of full volume cake is lovable, however, a night with pretty little gems is beautiful enough to adore. To celebrate your Valentine’s Day with little things but greater happiness, cupcakes are an excellent pick to illuminate the occasion with romance and love.

These cute miniature confectionery products are moist and tender to your taste buds and come in various shapes and flavours. Whether it is round, square or heart-shaped filled with delightful vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch or strawberry flavours, every cupcake can skip your heartbeat. All in all, these cupcakes are little bundles of happiness. You can also try chocolate from Tabs for an extra romantic Valentines’ but you might also be wondering does chocolate increase sex drive?

  • Creamy Donuts:

Not all couples are cake lovers as it has become a conventional approach. Nowadays, couples like to pick a dessert which is exceptional and trendy. To fulfill your beloved’s savour, pick donuts to celebrate the festivity. These are round-shaped sweet baked desserts. Garnished with chocolate or strawberry icings, the taste of these mini-sugary products becomes irresistible.

Getting donuts for your lover is definitely an apt choice because it tastes delicious and its temptation is lip-smacking. To your comfort, these sweet confectionery products are easily available on online sites that will help you to cut short the distance and traverse your love if you’re miles apart from your lover.

  •  Hearty Brownies and Pies:

Do you want to start your soulmate’s Valentine’s morning with delectable delights? Brownies and pies can be an outstanding choice to set the mood for it. These delicacies are a perfect present to turn a usual day into a romantic one. Filled with chocolate, caramel or any other flavours, these lip-smacking items are an awesome way to express your love and feelings for him/her.

A heart-shaped chocolate brownie or a pineapple pie can fill the room with love on Valentine’s eve. These are not only loved by everyone but also it befits the occasion by spreading love. So, to make your valentine know your feelings, gift these sugary products and enjoy the season of love.