Top 10 Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud computing is certainly one of the top technologies preferred by the organizations across the globe. Cloud computing was already become more and more popular due to a wide range of reasons, and especially during the pandemic, it became all the more popular. During the pandemic the main objective of the companies became to run their business, mostly online. The most preferred options to keep their business running was by adopting one of the cloud services. Apart from the many education institutes, government agencies etc. started realizing the significance of cloud computing as well. Additionally, there is no doubt about the fact that cloud computing played an eminent role in the healthcare world as well. Many healthcare institutes, research centers etc. started using cloud computing as well, as it helped them work more efficiently.

Cloud computing has proven to be quite beneficial for the businesses. It is considered cost-effective, and it even offers several competitive advantages. As per some of the reports, it is believed that cloud computing is a part of the business strategy of a huge number of organizations. Approximately, 92% of businesses have informed that their IT environment is in the cloud to some extent. Although, companies are planning to increase the adoption and use of clouds more and more.

Top Cloud Service Providers 

However, in order to make sure that the cloud-based solutions are implemented efficiently and successfully, most of the users partner with a leading cloud service provider. There are several providers in the industry, however, you would definitely want to go for the one that serves your purpose and offers you the service at the best possible prices. In this article, Dandelife will talk about a few of the top cloud service providers.


Amazon Web Services or popularly known as AWS is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after cloud computing solution at the moment. AWS has been in the industry from some time, although, just in the last some time, AWS has become all the more popular across the world. Companies are readily adopting AWS as it offers tons of benefits. One of the most significant benefits of using AWS over any other cloud-based solution is that AWS offers high level of security. It uses an end-to-end approach for security.

Additionally, AWS is also considered easy to install. AWS is programmed or built in such a way that it can be installed and implemented very easily. The service providers and the vendors can implement it without any hassle. AWS is an easy-to-use cloud solution as well.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is considered as one of the leading IaaS (cloud infrastructure as a service) provider. It is a trusted cloud technology provider. The trust factor makes Microsoft Azure one of the top preferences of businesses across the world.

Microsoft promises to offer a high level of security. The solutions that they make are built focusing on the security of the data. The company has talented resources that built strong systems. Businesses that want to attain their business objectives by building and managing applications anywhere, they can go for Microsoft Azure. It allows you to make interesting and useful solutions for your companies.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platforms not only offer the advantage of using the cloud, but they also offer some of the offer valuable features. For example, Google Cloud Platforms are known for their machine learning features. So, the companies get a chance to explore and make the most of the data and analytics. Google cloud allows the users to access their data and use their applications on other clouds as well. It is a cloud solution basically that is built to offer more ease to the companies while using the cloud environments.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle offers powerful and scalable cloud computing technologies and services. Oracle has massively expanded their cloud businesses due to a plenty of reasons. It is known for its superb networking and computing performances. Additionally, one of the top reasons of using Oracle is that it offers a lot of flexibility to the users. Also, the speed that Oracle offers is quite amazing. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is considered as one of the top choices my many businesses.

Nex Softsys

Nex Softsys offers end to end cloud computing services. The organization follows the approach of understanding the specific requirements of the clients and offering them services based on the specific needs of the business. As one of the most efficient cloud computing service providers, the company can help you not only implement the clouds efficiently, but also built cloud-based applications without any hassle.

The organization helps other businesses to surpass the competition by having the cloud advantage. Their team offers you customized cloud packages if needed to help you with your specific needs. Their cloud experts first understand the key requirements, then make strategizes around it and then discuss with the clients to improve the strategies and build more efficient plans.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a trustworthy cloud computing solutions and services provider. It is one of the more preferred companies because it offers services that help the companies to work more flexibility. By implementing the IBM clouds, the companies won’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure costs. More importantly, by using clouds, businesses save a lot of time in the maintenance of the IT infrastructure as well. At the same time, clouds offer the businesses the ease to work remotely.


Prolifics is mostly known for the cloud-based data management. Cloud-based data management is one of the most buzzing technologies in the world today. It is becoming more and more preferred as the time passes due to a variety of reasons. Cloud based data management offers more flexibility to the companies. At the same time, it is also pretty cost-effective. Data management via a cloud could also be faster.  Because of all of these benefits and many more, businesses choose Prolifics for cloud-based data management.


Softchoice offers cloud computing services. It helps the organizations to realize the full potential of the clouds and make the most of them. The company is aimed to help the companies get more benefits from the clouds. The company believes in understanding the client’s specific needs and offering them the benefits of the cloud managed by services accordingly. The company can optimize the overall cloud governance.


Businesses across the world are acknowledging and appreciating the advantages that they can get from the cloud-based technology and solutions. phoenixNAP is one of the cloud service providers that offers superb cloud services, majorly focusing on the cloud security. The company has been preferred because of the topnotch cloud computing services that it offers to the businesses.

Cisco Systems

One of the technologies that have eased digitalization is the cloud technology. For digital transformation, businesses are using cloud-based solutions extensively, across the world. Cisco systems offers efficient cloud computing services as well. The company is a trusted and renowned brand that offers good quality cloud computing services to the clients.

Advantages of Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is all about accessing data over the internet. It also involves the process of storing as well as exchanging the data between the users. If you use a cloud-based solution, you are free from using any storage device for storing the data. Rather, you can simply store and use the data online. A remote server is available, and all the data could be accessed from the server.

There are several other benefits of using the clouds as well. Therefore, more and more businesses are using clouds or cloud based data warehousing technologies. And, in the near future, the use of clouds is expanded to increase even more. However, in order to make the most of cloud computing, it is important to partner with one of the leading cloud computing service providers. There are quite a few good cloud data warehousing services providers, however, you might want to compare the services that they offer in order to find the one that suits your requirements.