All You Need To Know About Magnetic Screen Door

All You Need To Know About Magnetic Screen Door

Houses may differ in size, building style, grandness, or simplicity, but they all have one fundamental feature; doors. Apart from providing safety and security, a door ensures that the house inhabitants have the much-needed privacy. There are many entryways, but the newest entrant in the market is the magnetic Screen Door.

What Is A Magnetic Screen Door?

Magnetic screens for doors are meant to fit around the door frame like a curtain, allowing for hands-free opening and shutting thanks to a magnetic strip in the center.

Benefits Of Using A Magnetic Screen Door

More and more people are ordering the magnetic mesh because of its many associated benefits which include,

Its Ability To Keep Bugs And Dust Out

The fine mesh covers the entire door, ensuring that dust and bugs like mosquitoes don’t get in. Additionally, the middle seam is lined with magnets. Once a person passes through the door, the magnets come together, keeping the mesh closed once again.

It Allows The Breeze And The Sunlight In

This feature is essential, especially for houses that have inadequate ventilation. The fine mesh allows fresh air to circulate in the home, cleansing moisture, dust, and germs.

It Provides A Hands-Free Entrance And Exit For People And Pets

Magnetic screens open easily with a nudge. This feature is essential for pets, children who cannot reach the lock, or even adults with arms full of supplies or individuals in wheelchairs. A simple nudge and you are good to go.

Easy Installation

It is easy and quick to install the magnetic screen. Some brands provide video tutorials, and there are a dozen videos online if you experience difficulty. On average it should take less than thirty minutes to fit it around your door.

What to Consider when Installing a Magnetic Screen Door

    • Taking the measurements to your door before ordering the product is vital in ensuring a perfect fit.
    • It is vital to go for durable magnetic screens products, preferably heavy-duty polyester mesh with reinforced edges designed to withstand constant use and the elements. Also, keep in mind this product is not recommended for metal doors.
    • Before installing the screen, clean the doorframe frame thoroughly to clear any dust particles. Also, note the direction your door opens because this will affect where you will fix the mesh.
    • The standard practice is installing the mesh on the outside of the door frame if the door opens in, inside the door frame if the door opens out, and attaching it to the outside of the stationary door frame for sliding doors.
    • While hanging the mesh, always ensure that it is high enough to prevent it from sweeping the ground, and don’t space the two panels not too far from each other to give the magnets enough room to close smoothly on their own without straining the mesh.
    • When done with the installation, walk through the mesh to ensure that it closes entirely on its own; if not, adjust the strips and loops accordingly.
  • Finally, secure the screen with the included wood tacks, using only wooden door frames to keep the mesh in place.

Take Away

Magnetic Screen Door will soon be standard practice for any new building because of the benefits over and above framed screen doors.