Top Fun Things to Do in New York

Top Fun Things to Do in New York

Are you coming soon to New York on a cruise , the most beautiful city in the world? You are quite right ! There is so much to do in the Big Apple that in the end you can quickly find yourself not knowing what to do. Today we invite you to discover the 8 activities that we think are essential for a first stay in New York. Of course, these are great classics, but for a first trip it would be a shame to miss it.

The Empire State Building

How to come to New York without seeing the Empire State Building? It is unthinkable in our opinion! Especially since you can climb to the top of the building to discover a magnificent view of southern Manhattan and its financial district. If you have the opportunity to go there in the morning when it opens, the place is still quite calm and will allow you to discover New York which is waking up.

Right at the foot of the Empire State Building, you’ll find the best places yourself in the Financial District. This is the opportunity to see the whole city come to life in the early morning. Do not miss the bull of Wall Street in this area. If you touch her private parts, legend has it that it brings luck… it’s up to you to see! It is the emblem of the Wall Street district.

Statue of Liberty

If you come to New York, at least see the Statue of Liberty. There are of course tours to learn about its history and climb the crown, but if you don’t have the budget you can very well take the ferry to Staten Iceland to take some great pictures of the Statue of Liberty. The trip is free and it’s a good tip discovered on the  Bonjour New York blog  to visit New York on a limited budget.

The Top of the Rock

Another must-see in the city, the Rockefeller Center observatory allows you to discover the city from a different angle than the Empire State Building. You will have both a view of the largest park in the city, Central Park, but also of the Empire State Building. Personally, this is the view that we prefer if you only have to do one observatory during your stay in New York.

Central Park

This is a free activity that will do you good. It is possible to walk and run in Central Park . The best time to fully enjoy the park is the weekend. There are a lot of New Yorkers and you can enjoy the very pleasant atmosphere. Also, don’t miss the sunset over Lake Central Park. If the sky’s ablaze, this is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the view at sunset.

If you like to run, there are some nice courses in Central Park. In some places we have the impression of being in the forest.

Go to an NBA Game

If you are in New York during the season, we recommend that you watch a New York Knicks game. Even if you are not a big fan of basketball, the atmosphere in the stadium is amazing. Nothing to do with a basketball game in France. There are shows before the match, but also during breaks. It will also be the opportunity to have a hot dog, so as not to return to France without having tried the famous New York hot dog experience.

Times Square

It is the most visited place in the world. You have to go there to see the biggest screen ads in the world. It’s a pretty amazing place and lively all day long. But we find it is the evening that you can best feel and experience Times Square.

Do not miss the stairs, but also the Naked CowBoy and other superheroes who are in the area. To take a photo, you have to leave a few dollars, but you will have beautiful memories when you return!

The HighLine

This old suspended railway line will allow you to gain height and walk between the buildings of New York. It is a walk of about thirty minutes with greenery, all suspended at about ten meters. The setting is very pleasant and at the end of the High Line, you will find New York’s new attraction, The Vessel.

You can grab a sandwich and eat at the High Line benches while enjoying the view and the sun. It is a very beautiful place to enjoy New York during the day.

Brooklyn Bridge

It is an iconic place in New York. Without a doubt the most famous bridge of the Big Apple. For more than 20 years, the Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Today it is above all a must in New York for the beautiful photos of the New York skyline from the Brooklyn district.

If you have the opportunity to go there in the early morning, you can take some great shots with the sunrise.

It’s a free activity, you can walk on the bridge easily (be careful, however, of the lane reserved for bikes, there is always a lot of traffic and New Yorkers don’t laugh when you find yourself in their lane) .

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you only have time to do one museum during your stay in New York, we recommend that you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are over 2 million works in this museum. You will need to target the periods that interest you to get to the dedicated wings of the museum.

If you don’t necessarily like museums, you will still find your way around when visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art because it covers many eras and civilizations.

And There you go ! Our article on the best things to do in New York is coming to an end. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a quick comment.