What Are Auras? What Do The Different Colors Of Auras Mean?


All living beings are surrounded by invisible spiritual energy fields. These are called auras. Many people, including the best love psychicsbelieve that the different colors of your auras can provide insight into your well-being, both emotionally and spiritually. Although most people can’t see auras with the naked eye, if you recognize the feeling you get about a person when you see them for the first time is likely their aura. Some people give off an intense vibe of either positivity or negativity from the beginning. 

What Composes Your Aura?

Your aura is made up of seven auric layers (aka planes). These planes are configured to progress outward (i.e., the physical plane is closest to the skin, while the causal plane is located furthest from the body).

  • Physical plane – This plane is related to your physical health.
  • Emotional plane – The emotional plane is associated with your emotions. This plane’s color changes with your mood.
  • Mental plane – The mental plane corresponds with your thoughts, logic and reasoning.
  • Astral body plane – This plane is related to your love and spiritual well-being.
  • Etheric plane – The etheric plane is associated with any psychic abilities you might hold.
  • Celestial plane – This plane is connected to enlightenment, creativity. It’s also associated with your ambitions and intuition. 
  • Causal plane– The causal plane helps guide you in life by bringing harmony to all the other layers.

Additionally, your aura is connected to seven main chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown. To determine what your aura is telling you, it’s helpful to understand how the various colors and chakras correspond with one another. 

The Aura Colors and Their Meanings

By interpreting your aura colors, you can learn things about your personality and patterns. Consulting a pet psychic can even provide insights about your furry friend. There are seven primary colors of auras. 


The color red corresponds with the root chakra. As its name implies, this chakra is related to your foundation (e.g., values, home, career, sexual energy). 


Your sacral chakra vibrates at the color orange and contains your emotional and sexual energy, creativity and relationship traits. An orange aura indicates you’re a warm and independent person.


Yellow is associated with your solar plexus chakra, which comprises your personality, identity and emotions. You’re optimistic, curious and creative if your aura is yellow.


Your heart chakra is connected to the color green. Love, compassion and forgiveness are housed in this chakra. If your aura is green, it suggests you’re a kind and compassionate person.


Your throat chakra is blue and the means of self-expression. Possessing a blue aura indicates you’re an empathetic and intuitive individual. 


Your third-eye chakra is associated with indigo. It’s where your intuition sits and shows your everything you wish to create. There’s a good chance you possess a psychic ability if your aura is indigo. 


Finally, your crown chakra connects to the color violet. It’s associated with healing, oneness and spirituality. 

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