Top 10 Ride-hailing companies in the USA

Top 10 ride-hailing companies in the USA

Taxis used to be a luxury service twenty years ago, but today it is a part of our day to day lives. Customers use ride-hailing services for their daily commutes or to go early to work during rush hours. Along with this, the taxi services also provide attractive employment opportunities to a large number of people. Furthermore, customers can book a taxi from the comfort of their homes by using a ride-hailing app.

But due to multiple options, it becomes a bit tricky for the customers to decide which taxi app is best in the terms of accepting the riding request or how fast it is in making you reach the destination.

But which ride-hailing service is the best? So in this blog, we have tried to answer this tricky question by discussing the top ten ride-hailing companies of the United States in detail.

10 best ride-hailing companies of the United States in 2021

The ride-hailing industry in the United States has witnessed tremendous growth for the past few years. And that is why many young entrepreneurs are looking to enter the US ride-hailing markets. Thus, with a large number of ride-hailing companies in many cities, you are never left without a ride. You can easily find a ride anywhere in the US and at any time.

Here is the list of ten best ride-hailing companies in the United States that are performing exceptionally well despite heavy competition in the ride-hailing markets:

  • Uber 

Uber is a San Francisco based ride-hailing giant. It offers a wide range of services that includes shuttle service, luxury vehicles, and even on-demand food delivery.

Uber offers a competitive pricing structure so with a large number of drivers on the platform, you do not have trouble with getting a ride on most days. If you are comfortable travelling with strangers, then Uber provides a cost-effective carpooling option called uberPOOL to make the expense a little more palatable.

Customers can access Uber on smartphones and over the company website. Additionally, Uber’s referral option incentivizes clients to share Uber’s services with others, which has helped to increase app usage among US residents.

  • Lyft

Established in 2012 in Lyft is San Francisco based on-demand taxi-hailing startup. It is currently providing its ride-hailing services in 600+ cities. Also, it is the second most popular ride-hailing provider in the US.

Lyft mainly provides services to universities, corporate companies, and schools. Lyft has designed its ride-hailing packages to cater for every rider. Also, it provides a car-pooling facility if there is a large number of passengers.

Moreover, Lyft allows you to make pay by mobile wallet apps. Also, the riders can schedule their rides in advance.

  • Gett

Previously known as GetTaxi, Gett was launched in 2010. Gett is transforming the ride-hailing landscape by providing cutting edge ride-hailing services in more than 1500 countries that include Europe, Canada and the United States. Also, it served 15,000+ clients worldwide. Also, it has completed more than 50 million journeys until now.

Gett has a unique revenue model that differs from country to country. Gett charges fees as per the ride completed by the driver. However, Gett offers different rates for corporates. Gett also offers the bill split feature to the employees of the same company.

Furthermore, customers can share their ratings and reviews about Gett’s ride-hailing services. Customers can pre-book before two weeks due to which they can plan and reach their destination even if there are no other drivers available at that time.

  • Arro

Arro taps contain a fleet of more than 20,000 licensed taxis to provide clients with on-demand transportation. It provides its services in New York City, Boston, Miami, and Houston. To get an Arro taxi all you have to do is confirm your location and a driver will arrive to pick you up and take you to your desired destination.

Arro fairs are more stable as they will be based on the meter. Apart from this, Arro claims their app is more reliable than other competitors. This is because Arro uses proprietary terminals to communicate with its network of drivers, rather than the driver’s smartphones.

  • Scoop

Established in 2015 in California, Scoop is a ride-hailing platform that mainly provides carpool services via an automatic on-demand ride-hailing solution. Scoop aims to fill empty seats on ongoing commutes. Before going to work, the customer raises a ride request to drive or ride with the timings. After then, the customers get automatically matched with a driver on the same route. The rider pays the driver a distance-based fee at the end of the ride.

To deal with the uncertainty of rides, Scoop offers a feature called ‘Guaranteed Ride Home’. Under this, if a rider cannot be matched with a driver for the trip, Scoop will reimburse them up to $40 to take public transportation or a cab.

  • Curb 

Curb is one of the famous ride-hailing businesses of the United States. Curb works with the existing taxi-businesses and separately hires drivers. Moreover, Curb has a network of more than 50,000 taxis in over 65 cities.

Curb operates on the ‘Pair and pay’ system. Under this system, if a rider waves his hands to stop then its payment will be done automatically after he enters the cab. Also, Curb provides its customers with a ‘Ride Later’ option. Under this option, the user can book the ride for up to 24 hours.

Curb only works with registered drivers who are fully insured. Also, Curb accept payments in both cash and via electronic payment methods.

  • Wingz

Wingz is a San Francisco-based startup that provides seamless airport rides. Now with airport rides, they offer around-town rides in some selected cities. Currently, Wingz is operating in 16 metro cities, including 21 airports.

Wingz also lets you schedule airport rides up to two months in advance. Also, it offers a flat rate means you don’t have to pay any surcharge or hidden fee.

One unique thing about Wingz is riders can view and select their favourite drivers and the company promises that moving forward. Its ride-hailing services are less expensive than a taxi or limo.

  • Cabify

Cabify is one of the popular taxi providers in the world. Its app works both on the Android and iOS platforms. It operates in Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Columbia.

Cabify features a transparent fixed rate system, which ensures that users are not price gauged. Furthermore, it allows its users to book a cab for their friends and loved ones too.

Moreover, Cabify offers its customers fixed rates, no hidden charges, invoices, account manager, multiple account support, multiple payment methods, etc.

  • Via

Via is a carpool focused on-demand ride-hailing service. It is providing its services in 20+ countries. Also, Via has completed more than 70 million rides. Via mainly provides ride-hailing services to schools, logistics businesses, public transport agencies, corporations, universities, etc.

Apart from this, Via offers 24*7 real-time support to its customers so that they can get a quick and easy resolution of their queries. Mostly, Via provides its ride-hailing services in countries like the UK, US and Canada.

  • Bridj

Bridj was founded in 2014 in Massachusetts, United States. It is a private shuttle service that offers shuttle services to the customers between home to office in rush hours. That is why it is the best choice for busy working professionals to save time on daily commutes.

After getting a positive response for the ride-hailing services, Bridj has also ventured into on-demand delivery service in 2016 by using storage lockers and local buses. Eventually, Bridj’s ride-hailing app was acquired by Transit Systems in 2017.


The ride-hailing companies mentioned in this blog are extremely popular among the United States due to their cutting edge services. These apps made our life much easier by providing us taxis on our doorstep and so affordable. Moreover, these companies are attracting the attention of global investors.

Now, it is time for you to decide which one is perfect for you as every app has some of its unique features. You might know what your choice for tomorrow’s means of transportation will be to go to your destination. So after doing in-depth research on these apps, you can decide what features you want to have in your App.

If you are looking to make a profitable app, then you can consult a software development company or you can outsource your app development to remote developers. I hope that this blog has provided you with all the relevant information about the top ride-hailing companies in the US. If you think that we have missed some ride-hailing company then feel free to share it with us.