10 Best Graphic Design Tools In 2021

Best Graphic Design Tools

As a graphic designer, you may have all the skills to create incredible artistic works, but you will need graphic design tools that support your work. When you use the right tools, your power of applying your artistry will multiply exponentially. For top-notch graphic design works, you can also contact a graphic design studio in Australia. There are lots of incredible tools that pro graphic designers recommend. So, if you are new to the graphic design field or even pro, you would want tools that let you work smoothly. You will sure to dazzle your clients by showing your graphical magic with the following design tools:

Raster Graphics Tools

A serious graphic designer must have a raster graphics tool is a must-have requirement. Many times you have to crop a photograph and add some fancy effects over an image. But what is a raster? The Raster digital image is composed of tiny rectangular pixels arranged as grids. GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIF are an example of raster graphic formats. These graphic image types are not scalable, so you will lose sharpness if you increase the image size. Check out Creative Fabrica for this incredible free online design tool! Here are the most recommended raster graphic tools:


Procreate is a powerful tool for iPhone and iPad devices. You can get the best result when you use the stylus. You are bound to create excellent graphical designs with the tool. Procreate has garnered a huge social following for quite a long time on YouTube as well as Instagram as they share detailed tutorials. Also, you will find some awesome design works of exceptionally creative minds. Procreate is a tool that can be your primary tool for cartoons, illustrating, or digital paintings. When you use it along with the Affinity Photo or Adobe Photoshop, you get awesome results. Graphic design studio Australia offers great graphic designing works using the latest tools and techniques.


  1.   Active community
  2.   You get great learning materials
  3.   Compatibility with Stylus


  1.   There is no Android version of Procreate
  2.   You won’t get a desktop version of the tool

Adobe Photoshop

Everyone who works in the graphic design field knows about the most famous Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the oldest and popular tool for three decades of graphic designers. Since its launch, the software has gone through lots of changes. However, its huge range of functionality causes its advantages and disadvantages. A beginner graphic designer will come across many challenges as well as possibilities when he or she starts to learn Photoshop. Though it will take years to master all the features of Photoshop, the end result is worth it. And you will enjoy the journey of learning the tool as there are helpful hints of tutorials, video guides on the web. For graphic designers, Photoshop is an ultimate raster graphic tool. Want a graphic design studio in Australia? Hire a reputed company with the best work performance.


  1.   Active community
  2.   Excellent learning materials are available
  3.   Advanced features


  1.   Pricey subscription than others graphic designing tools
  2.   The learning curve is really steep

Affinity Photo

As a reliable and great quality photo editing app, Affinity Photo is wonderful. In the market, Affinity Photo is the most affordable tool that offers raster graphic formats. You can fine-tune your images and modules and clean the rough edges smoothly, revealing great details from the raw files. As the software offers a one-time investment and lifetime user experience, it has an advantage over Photoshop and also Lightroom. For freelance designers and beginners, Affinity Photo is an appealing and affordable choice. You can also get professional graphic designs from graphic design studio Australia.


  1.   One-time purchase model
  2.   Packed with professional features


  1.   It takes a great amount of time to learn the features of Affinity Photo
  2.   Till now there’s no smartphone app


Are you looking for a free photo editor, then Pixlr is a go-to tool. For a long time, Pixlr has been offering us its free basic version. Now with the technical revamp of the tool, you can dive into some of its premium features with a monthly subscription. It is an easy-to-use editor that sure to get better with new functionalities. Do you know that Pixlr has introduced an AI-powered background removal feature recently? Among many users, this feature has gained popularity. Also, you can use both premium and free stock images from Pixlr’s own directory.


  1.   Accessible for the beginners
  2.   Has a free version


  1.   Till now, Pixlr lacks advanced functionality unlike other raster graphics tools
  2.   Desktop apps require improvements

Vector Graphics Tools

When you are into graphic designing, there’s no escape from vector graphics. And so, you will need vector graphic tools to do justice to your designs. Brochures, logos, icons, concert posters, and also flyers require designing, and those all are done through vector graphic tools. Unlike the raster graphics, vectors are built of dots. These dots are connected by curves and lines to create shapes. There’s a significant advantage about vector graphics over raster graphics- you can scale the vector graphic designs. That’s the reason for logos to look smooth both in huge prints and business cards. SVG, EPS, AI, and PDF are vector file formats. Graphic design studio Australia offers top-notch graphic designs. So, you can contact them for your important projects.  

Adobe Illustrator

Without any doubt, Adobe Illustrator is extremely famous design software. Despite the growing competition, it still remains the industry-standard tool for graphic designers who work in vector projects. Adobe Illustrator features a wide range of effects, tools, and filters. So, you can create every type of design from logos, to video games and more, with precisions. It allows you to create pixel-perfect scalable artwork, and its design templates, as well as presets, offer convenience and speed. You can also use third-party plugins in Illustrator for creating your designs.


  1.   Plenty of designing resources
  2.   Advanced features for vector editing


  1.   The learning curve is steep

Affinity Designer

With advanced filters, Affinity Designer is a wonderful vector graphic designing tool. For creating illustrations, branding, icons, web designing, digital painting, typography, and more, Affinity Designer is a goldmine. It offers an infinite zooming feature which is extremely useful to ensure accuracy. Also, like its raster-based counterpart, Affinity Designer offers one-time payment and indefinite times of usage. Do you create logos or icons as a hobby? You can get Affinity Designer as it comes with great features. If you want industry-standard graphic designing works for your projects, then Graphic design studio Australia is here for you.


  1.   One-time pricing model
  2.   Professional-level vector software in market


  1.   Learning the features take lots of time
  2.   There’s no smartphone app

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is an incredible graphic design tool for creating any print material like magazines, books, brochures, newspapers, and flyers. It’s a popular software for high-school students who design school newspapers, writers, and publishers. Also, for designing digital creations like ad banners or newsletters, the Adobe InDesign app is mindblowing. Though it takes time to master the software, there are some brilliant tutorials on the internet for all experience levels. Contact a graphic design studio in Australia for your next big graphic designing project.


  1.   Best-in-class software for printing design


  1.   Adobe InDesign’s subscription price is much higher
  2.   The learning curve is way steep

Social Media Design Tools

If you do graphic designs for social media posts, you won’t need too many advanced functionalities as pro tools offer. But it’s important to create an enjoyable graphic design quickly and with ease. A design that people will enjoy as they scroll down their social media feeds. Here are some of the best social-media design tools that you would want:


There’s a valid reason for Canva to be a in-demand graphic design tool for digital marketers and small business owners. It’s an incredibly easy-to-use interface with free tier options offer amazingly useful features. Therefore, you can use for creating Instagram Stories to Facebook posts quickly and fuss-free. Also, you can try your hand at typography with Canva. In terms of quality, proportions, and style, graphic results look stunning and professional. But if you want custom-made, exclusive graphic designs, contacting a graphic design studio in Australia is the best idea.

  • Pros:
  1.   There are wide range of useful templates to use
  2.   Easy to understand features
  • Cons:
  1.   The free plan comes with design-limitations
  2.   There are no advanced features like in advanced softwares


If you want an even easier option for creating images for posting on your social media, Pablo is a good alternative. You get all of its basic features free of cost, but you need premium plans to avail the premium features. Unlike Canva, you won’t have to sign in to create images with inspirational quotes, testimonial posters, blog post headers, or even social media covers.

  • Pros:
  1. You won’t need an account to access Pablo
  2.  Completely free
  • Cons:
  1. It’s a basic-level editing tools

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With DesignWizard, you not only get to create personalized images, but it also allows the creation of videos. These images and videos are optimized for web use and social media. The basic version of the designing tool is free. But to access premium video templates, visuals you will have to pay. Also, for uploading your own assets, premium plans are a must. You can contact a professional graphic design studio in Australia to get high-quality graphic designs.


  1.   It’s an affordable solution to many of the social media design tools
  2.   Easy to understand interface


  1.  You can only download the videos with a paid plan

Here are the latest and hottest graphic designing tools that make your graphic designing journey fun and smooth. If you have the vision to create art, tools are just the companions to give the vision life.