How to Expand Your Sales With Livestream Shopping

Livestream Shopping

Livestream selling is an effective tool for boosting sales and engaging customers online. It allows shoppers to get more information about products from their comfort zone while experiencing the same real-time interaction they would have in a physical store.

Moreover, live streaming can attract more potential customers and retain them with amazing deals or giveaways during the broadcast. It may seem like an effortless way to increase sales, but it requires strategy and hard work, including planning. Here are some tips to help you expand your sales with livestream shopping:

#1. Create a Live Selling Channel

There are numerous ways to add livestream shopping channels to your online store, so it is best to start with the one that suits your business and product. It could be a straight walkthrough video showing how the product works or the accessories you need before purchasing. A more convenient option would be a live Q&A session where customers can interact with you anytime. As long as it’s beneficial for your shop and profitable, you may record it as a livestream shopping video.

In addition, consider using several streaming platforms concurrently to broadcast to a wider audience. Search for a live selling platform that will allow you to livestream and post videos on social media and even directly on your website. Doing these things will give you the opportunity to reach more people and interact with them in different ways in order to sell your product. 

#2. Get the Right Tools

Once you have established a live selling channel, it is time to set up your livestreaming equipment so that your customers can readily access it during the broadcast. First, you must have a decent camera capable of shooting high-quality video to present your products in their best light. Yet, it is equally important to adjust the lighting of your filming environment so that customers can have a clear view of the product. You may also want a tripod for added steadiness and a seamless background for your product shots.

Another part of this process includes setting up your audio equipment to ensure that your customers can hear you perfectly. With clear sound, customers would be more willing to watch the entire video and purchase something from it. You should also connect the microphone to your camera so that you can broadcast a voice-over narration through the microphone.

#3. Make it Relevant

If you are using social media platforms to promote your business, you should remember that these sites have different audiences. For this reason, you should create relevant content that will help you increase your sales. For example, instead of selling products that are only relevant to your local audience, you can use livestreaming to reach out to global customers. In addition, you might want to promote your livestream merchandise with a hashtag such as “bestseller” in your video feed. That way, you will be able to catch your audience’s attention with what you have to offer.

#4. Offer Exclusive Deals or Giveaways

Livestream is your opportunity to come up with special deals or giveaways to attract as many customers as possible. You can start the broadcast by introducing new products, offering free shipping, or even introducing a limited-time sale. However, organize how you will run them and how long the livestream will last before the deal ends.

#5. Engage Your Customers

The essential thing during a live broadcast is to engage customers. This will help you draw in more potential customers if they are browsing and happen to catch your broadcast. Make sure you are interactive and respond quickly to any online comments.

Live video is an excellent way to establish yourself as a credible brand with real people behind it. Customers who feel your business cares about them are likelier to be loyal to your brand. Moreover, suppose you handle questions from the audience well during your livestream. This can positively impact your business by showing customers that you are trustworthy and professional in your work.


It takes a little effort to build a livestream shopping channel that will help you engage customers, but it is worth the work. Livestreaming can increase your sales by making shopping more convenient for customers and enticing them with great deals. So start working on the next livestream today and make your presence known online.