8 Awesome Ideas for Mobile App Marketing


Today, almost everyone has mobile devices, from kids to adults. The market for mobile apps is vast, where tons of apps are launched regularly.

To encourage people to download your app- out of the available options, you need impeccable marketing ideas.

The app downloads usually gain momentum within the first couple of weeks post launch. But, those results will not last longer if your app marketing strategies are not robust.

We suggest you to devise a long-term plan. That’s what the purpose of writing this post. Firstly, you have to split the marketing strategy into pre-launch and post-launch tactics.

Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing 

Begin promotions long before launch

Once you are done with conceptualization and designing an app, you should start working on its marketing. Find out your target audience and encourage them to download your app. Early promotions help in creating anticipation.

As per the Google survey, it has been found that only 40% of the mobile users will browse for apps via an app store. The remaining percentage will get to know about apps through YouTube videos, blogs, and a lot more options

Engage potential customers

For creating a perfect app, it should be designed in way that it efficaciously meets the demand of the users. The people will download it on their devices only if they find it useful.

It would be great to gather feedback from your target audience throughout the development process. So, you should try to seek out and engage with your potential users while app development process. You can get their feedback from forums in relevant sites and social media as well.


A blog is considered as the powerful way to share information about your app online. You can update people regularly through your posts, and in this way, you can improve your website’s performance.

Sharing features and functionality of an app will help to raise curiosity level in the readers. They will feel engaged in this process, and you can receive their feedback by interacting in the comment posts.

Release trailers

To increase the excitement level of the customers for your app, we recommend you to start using sneak peeks and teasers. With the help of video promos, you can let the people know about your app in a detailed manner.

Prepare press kit and launch materials

You are required to make your press kit and launch materials for the launch date. Make sure that your website is completely ready with a video promo highlighting the best features of an app, and engaging content like a blog or a press release.

Try to reach out to the industry influencers, authoritative bloggers for interviews, and relevant media.

Post-launch Mobile App Marketing 

Get more and more feedback from the customers 

The mobile apps get good rankings based on the popularity and the ratings. So, you are required to build an effective plan for collecting customer feedback and reviews. This will increase the possibility of downloads. You can add your contact details within your app descriptions, so the customers will give more detailed feedback.

But, you should not only read feedback. You should respond instantly to their raised queries, and resolve those by providing an apt solution.

Get reviews for an app

To get reviews for your app, you can submit it on blogs or video channels. You can even start your YouTube channel, where you can put videos related to your app features and dealing with specific problems. This will help people get a proper solution towards those problems.

If they get access to the step-by-step guide for an app, they will surely give it a try. Always remember that even intuitive apps can appear difficult for some users. A proper demo will serve great in this context, as this will aid those people who are finding difficulty in operating an app.

Optimization for app stores

Make sure that your app is optimized for the app stores. For this, you are required to utilize well-researched and structured keywords within the app’s name. Search ads are also beneficial in getting more downloads and improving visibility for an app.

Some Concluding Thoughts

So, these are all about effective mobile app marketing ideas that you can implement in your promotional strategy.