How to Transition Back to the Workplace After Working from Home

How to Transition Back to the Workplace After Working from Home

2020 saw an unprecedented shift in working habits across the world. Workers who were expected to come into a central workspace every day were asked to remain home. In 2021, we’re likely to come upon another significant transition, as we return to the workplace.

It’s likely that this reversal will be very gradual, and in places, it’ll be incomplete, as many employers adapt the so-called ‘hybrid’ working practices advocated by large internationals like Microsoft. But that won’t be the case for everyone, and some workers might find themselves under pressure to adapt quickly back to the offices. According to polling by Yorkshire-based banner printing company instantprint, one in fourteen of us don’t feel comfortable going back into the office – and probably never will.

So how can we minimise the stress, and help ourselves to cope with this new change?

Stay Connected

Among the biggest disadvantages of working from home is the sense of isolation you’re forced to cope with. Even if you’re communicating with colleagues over programs like Zoom every day, such conferences are no substitute for face-to-face communication. It’s therefore important to check in with colleagues and managers in person.

Give Yourself a Break

The pandemic has been a difficult time for just about everyone, and it’s unreasonable to expect yourself to perform brilliantly at all times. Cut yourself a little bit of slack, especially if you’ve found the going a little tough.

Make Sure Safety Concerns are Addressed

While the UK is well ahead of the game when it comes to vaccination, there’s still grounds to be cautious. If you haven’t yet received your second dose of vaccine, then you might be concerned about the danger of complacency. You might reassure yourself with the statistical unlikelihood of you contracting the virus at this stage of the pandemic – but you might equally look into safety measures that might be implemented in the workplace. The Health and Safety Executive provides a range of measures which employers might consider.

If you have a temperature, or you simply feel ill, then you’re not under any obligation to soldier through it. In fact, your colleagues will probably thank you if you stay home.

Think About Travel Arrangements

Actually getting into the office might be a bit of an unfamiliar ritual for many. It might be even worth getting behind the wheel of your car and taking it for a spin around the block, just to make sure that it still works as it should. Equally, you might look into how you might safely navigate public transport. Facemasks and hand-sanitizer should be considered obligatory.