Best live TV Streaming Services Available Right Now

live TV Streaming

Did you just cancel your cable TV service, only to realize that you are a much bigger fan of prime time than you thought you were? Or are you still contemplating cutting the cord? Either way, there is nothing to worry about because live TV streaming services are all the rage right now. You just need an internet connection and a subscription to one of such services and you will be able to watch all your favorite shows and the latest movies wherever you are and whenever you want.

However, you will have to ensure that you have signed up to an Internet Service Provider that provides a reliable and high-speed connection for you to enjoy these streaming services to the fullest. If you live in an area where fiber-optic internet is available and you can afford it, then that would be the optimal connection for streaming. However, cable internet is great too, especially if you can get your hands on one of the Spectrum packages that offer blazing fast speeds and economical prices with a brilliant customer service department. As they say, if the roots are strong the plant flourishes. Likewise, if your internet connection is solid you will have an amazing streaming experience every day.

So let us go ahead and look at the best live streaming services available right now that you can subscribe to in a matter of minutes and enjoy the best of entertainment there is.


Famous for its on-demand choices that include the classics, Hulu provides like streaming service all over American soil. The plans include all major news, sports, and entertainment networks and offer a Cloud DVR service for you to record whatever pleases you for later viewing. Offering a vast variety of movies, TV shows, and channels, Hulu is compatible with almost all smart devices out there. There may be a few cons along with all the pros, but I’m sure the majority of users can ignore them considering all the benefits being received. These include the price of live TV being higher than on-demand plans, downloads available to premium subscribers only, few good original contents, and the basic on-demand plan includes ads.


Looking for a cable TV experience without the expensive price tag? YouTube TV may be just the right service for you offering amazing performance with its vast channel line up and DVR service so you can record your favorite programming to watch whenever you please. Watch an array of entertainment, sports, and news channels on the smart device of your choice. At just $50 per month, YouTube TV offers an intuitive interface that will make your life so much easier. The only problem you may face is the limited parental controls.


A brilliant mix of entertainment and lifestyle programming at reasonable prices is the Philo way to go. A user-friendly mobile app and outstanding performance is something Philo can boast about. However, the number of channels is limited to 58, there are no new or sports channels, no local channels, and parental controls.


If you are a sports fanatic then this is the streaming service made for you. Loads of sports content also includes some 4K programming. However, the channel line up is not only limited to sports programming but also includes news and entertainment channels. On top of that, there is also on-demand programming available for the rest of the household. There is a mobile and web app available for fuboTV so that you never miss a game regardless of your work schedule or travel plans. Something that might put some sports fans off is the exclusion of Fox Sports and ESPN. Plus the add-ons can be pricey and the content is available mostly in 720p only.


Even though the web and mobile apps are not as user-friendly as we may like them to be there is a huge variety of channels available that can be flexibly chosen as per your requirements. Boasting flexible subscriptions and reliable service it is no wonder that Sling TV has gained popularity in such a short period. On top of the live TV service, there are movies available for rent. The only drawback is that there is a limited number of local and regional channels provided with the subscription and add-ons can boggle your mind.


If you are a skeptic like me and do not like committing to things without first trying them out, then Pluto TV will be a delight for you. This free live TV streaming service is a great option for the skeptics among us. However, even if it’s a free service it offers quite a vast variety of content. It does not include premium channels of course but there are enough live programming and on-demand content for you to stay entertained at all times. It does not require subscribers to sign up and create an account which, to be honest, is a huge YES for me personally. Bear in mind though that you will be bombarded with ads, will have to navigate through a crude interface and channel line up guide, and make do with a small number of cable channels. If you can overlook these issues because the service is free then you should be fine, otherwise, it is better that you opt for a paid streaming service.


Offering the largest number of live TV channels among streaming services, along with options like Lookback and Restart and amazing performance, it will not be wrong to say that AT&T TV Now is at the top of the streaming services line. However, outstanding things are never cheap and neither is AT&T TV Now. However, considering the price of it’s streaming app, limited packages and DVR service could be a disappointment.


Another free yet reliable streaming app goes by the name of Xumo. It offers live news feed, depending on your interests. The mobile app is brilliant and the content is all in 720p, but the web interface is quite crude and the number of ads is ridiculous. Compatibility and on-demand choices are limited too.

Summing up

There you are. Now you know the best live streaming services out there that you can take advantage of.