Top Golf Courses in Morocco

Golf Course

Morocco is famous for its historical, architectural and cultural sights. Experiencing the traditions of the rural life of Morocco is great fun. Also include enjoying the sun in the heavenly beaches, Spending the beautiful nights in Sahara, Take a hike on the heights on the destination brings you a lot of fun in your Holidays in Morocco. But you know Morocco also has a lot of sports activities as well. You can enjoy Surfing in the high waves of the Moroccan beaches, hike, and bike on the steep or smooth Atlas mountains of Morocco.

And do you think that you are done with all the fun? You know Morocco is home to glamourous golf resorts and courses that attract golf lovers from around the world? Morocco hosts the world-class Golfers to its land and offers the international standard golf courses during the lush holiday’s golfers want to spend their way.

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Have fun in the best golf courses in Morocco, Here are some of the major names you can have your perfect Golf trip plan in Morocco.

Mazagan Golf Course

This club is half an hour on distance from Casablanca, a coastal city of Morocco. The area where the Golf course situates is a beautiful part of the earth where if you are not to play the golf and only want to relax, that would be a great choice of destinations for sure. Mazagan course is the longest golf course as compared to the other courses in the country. There is a high class dark green carpeted grass in the course which golfers like a lot and prefer to opt for the same course when in Morocco.

The  hotel you will be living in is having the opportunity of its own golf academy. It takes people of all the ages and skills, travelers enjoy living in the luxurious hotels having all the facilities of life, from the room services to the great environs and sceneries.

Royal Golf Dar Es Salam

Located in Rabat, Royal Golf is the best destination for the golf sport during your holidays. It dates back to 1960s when the kings started making the Golfing fields in Morocco and ordered to make a fine, glorious golf course in Rabat. Royal Golf Dar es Salam is having the exotic plants, beautiful clean ponds, and the tall green trees giving you the ideal setting for Golfing.

Assoudif Golf Club in Marrakech

The best golf course of 2016, Certified for its excellency, Assoudif Golf club is the best destination if you are finding for the one in Marrakech. It is exactly located near the Atlas mountains makes the best environment for the golfers to play. Assoudif Club is 18 hole, par 72 golf course designed by the Scottish architect Niall Camron. He added the landscape for the natural feel and other elements to make the course as comfortable as possible. If visiting Marrakech, the mentioned golfing club is recommended, go and take the long accurate shots.

A unique experience in Palm Golf Ourika

Thirty kilometers from Marrakech, Palm Golf course is situated in the Ourika valley. The unique thing is that the course is surrounded by the palm and olive trees which give you the best natural feel for the golfers. The second unique thing that the course maintains its desert-like style having a beautiful landscape.

The 18 hole course is designed by the Canadian architects brings the opportunity for the golfers to enjoy their holidays there in the luxurious hotels in an area. If you are about to leave Marrakech, just stop, turn towards Ourika and take the privileges of Palm Golf in the valley, you would definitely be enjoying your sports trip in Morocco.

Tazegzout Golf course

When it comes to Agadir, there is a beautiful village Taghazout to amaze you with its beauties. In Agadir, your golf course will be surrounded by the Argan trees. Remember? In Ourika, you found the palm and olive trees. As Agadir is the coastal destination, you will be enjoying the waters surrounds the fields hitting the ball to put them in the holes of the course. You will find the various resorts for the luxury stay during your stay there, find the one and pass your best holidays golfing in Tazegzout Golf course.

Noria Golf Club

Noria Golf Club also locates in Marrakech. This golf club is designed very uniquely, welcomes the newbies in golf and also the masters. As in Marrakech, the olive and Palm trees are in the most places, you will find the Noria club also surrounded by the same type of trees giving you the views of perfect landscapes you only could idealize before.

You can have a great meal in the restaurant and enjoy in the bar of the Club, which you can say a perfect holiday package. The golf club is designed by Youssef El Melehi, the very famous name in architecting and designing the traditionally styled buildings especially the sports courses.