Beautiful Bedroom Decor For Girls

Beautiful Bedroom Decor For Girls

If you are wondering how to style a bedroom for a girl, we are sharing a few hacks and tips that will make the bedroom look beautiful in no time! When researching bedroom decor for girls you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options.

Get the core elements of the bedroom decor sorted out first. Once you have the critical pieces of the bedroom furniture all set, you can then focus on the decorative items that will allow personality to shine.

Get the bed right

The bed is the central point of the room, so it is always best to start by figuring out the best mattress size for the space. Do a little research on mattress dimensions to get a better idea of how to measure a girl’s room for the best mattress.

If you have space to work with, a full-size mattress will ensure there is enough space as she grows. Usually, people only replace their mattress every few years, so it’s a good idea to upgrade to a mattress size that will last the test of time. If you are working with a small bedroom, a twin-sized mattress is best. Twin size beds allow for extra room in the bedroom; that way you can incorporate other bedroom furniture such as a nightstand and bedroom storage.

Once you know the mattress size that is best for the space, ensure the mattress is the most comfortable mattress possible. Sleep is essential for young people. Not only does quality sleep help with brain development, but sleeping well also has a direct correlation with mood, memory, and weight. Plus, everyone deserves to sleep on the best mattress possible.

If the mattress in the girls bedroom is old and lumpy, you can upgrade to a better mattress from the comfort of your home. Many online mattress companies have great deals on memory foam mattresses – this style of bed is highly rated for comfort and support.

Focus on the bed frame 

If you have settled on the best mattress, now consider the second most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom – the bed frame. There are many different types of bed frames on the market. These include adjustable bed frames, box frames, foundation bed frames, and storage bed frames with drawers.

For extra storage, especially in a small bedroom, a storage bed frame can be a great option as it serves a dual purpose. Alternatively, foundations can also supply additional storage space in the bedroom.

You must have a quality bed frame, especially if you are upgrading the mattress. All mattresses need a reliable support system. A creaky bed frame or one that has missing wooden slats might disrupt the sleeper throughout the night.

If the room allows for extra space, the trendy adjustable bed frame is a great option, especially if you are trying to achieve a modern bedroom design.

Adjustable bed bases have skyrocketed in popularity as they are not only stylish and contemporary, but they also help many people sleep better than ever. Most adjustable bases come with a wireless remote control giving the sleeper the ability to adjust the back and leg height of the bed.

Plus, many of these frames have other handy features such as LED lighting, which is great if you need a guiding light to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. They also have built-in USB ports for phone charging, and the best adjustable bed frames have massage features for the ultimate relaxing sleep experience.

If an adjustable bed frame isn’t the right option, many girls also love four post bed frames with canopy curtains.

Find some spacious nightstands

After the bed frame is selected, the fun really starts. The rest of the bedroom can be designed around the mattress and frame centerpiece.

Nightstands are always essential for a girls bedroom. You can get small nightstands with no drawers if the room has enough storage space, or 3 drawer nightstands to tuck away extras such as books and digital devices.

There are also many modern nightstand options such as glass nightstands and stools used as nightstands.

Ensure you select 2 nightstands, they don’t necessarily have to match, but the symmetry can create a nice style in the room. In small bedrooms, one small nightstand with a beautiful lamp can do the trick.

Get creative

When the furniture is sorted, artwork, rugs, cushions, pillows, and other aesthetics can come into play.

For a small bedroom, faux fur rugs are highly popular as they create a sleek environment without taking up too much space. For larger bedrooms, a bohemian style rug with an Aztec pattern can add wonder and charm to girls bedroom decor. Partner the Aztec rug with a dreamcatcher and a few pot plants and some beautiful white bedsheets, and within just a few hours, you can completely transform the bedroom decor.

Small bedroom should not have more than one piece of artwork. Busy walls can make the bedroom seem even smaller than what it is.

Large bedrooms might afford a bedroom desk, a dressing table, or even a standing lamp or coat rack. Photos are a must-have in a girl’s bedroom. Hang photos from a string or place them on a corkboard for display. Ensure not to fill the room with too much furniture, overcrowding not only makes the room small, but it can also create dust and make cleanup a nightmare. Space is vital for quality sleep and clear thinking.

For young girls, having an area for dress-ups and play is essential, especially when friends come over. This can be achieved with a floating table or even a trolly shelf that can be neatly tucked away when not in use. A single hoop canopy hung from the ceiling is another great way to make playtime fun and exciting.

Involve your kids or friends when you are designing bedroom decor; it makes the whole process much more fun and can help to personalize the room and make it truly unique.

Set aside a weekend and get creative!