How These Smart Homes Help In Controlling Your Home’s Climate from Anywhere

Smart Home

As you go around your neighborhood, you might come across the heavy use of technology in numerous homes. Coming home, as you scroll down your favorite websites, you might also see two or three posts talking about smart homes.

This then makes you wonder, is it all worth it? Well, the best answer to your question is yes.

Yes, smart homes are worth it. There are many reasons why this is true. One of them is the fact that you can control your home’s climate from anywhere you are. Here are some of the ways that is possible;

#1. Regulation of Your Home’s Temperature

Home automation climate control is now easy following the introduction of smart thermostats. Using the Nest thermostat, for example, you can use your smartphone and set the temperatures to the levels that you love. The most amazing part is you do not have to be at home to make these changes. Connect your smartphone to your Nest thermostat over a Wi-Fi Network and make adjustments from anywhere.

That is not all; you can control your Nest Thermostat using IFTTT. IFTTT is an acronym for “If This Then That.” IFTTT is a way of making a Nest thermostat have additional functionalities, making you do almost anything using this smart thermostat. By linking the two together, your Google Nest thermostat detects motion, send weather reports to your phone, and so much more.

#2. Adjusting Your Home’s Cooling System

Air conditioners have existed for a very long time but as the world is evolving, so is the technology used in making air conditioners. The GE Energy Star is a testimony to this statement. The 115-Volt electric conditioner that delivers 8000 BTUs is a masterpiece. The top air discharge air conditioner weighs 49 pounds and is energy certified.

Yes, all of these are amazing, but the best part is you can control the machine using your smartphone from anywhere. At work and left the air conditioner on and you are worried you will find the house cold when you come back? Scrap that worried face off. Just switch the air conditioner off from your tablet or smartphone. It is that easy.

Other than receiving commands, this particular home climate system can learn your smart phone’s location. Doing so enables it to cool down the rooms in your house even before you arrive. In essence, not only is the cooling system done from afar, but it is also automated.

#3. Controlling Your Home’s Air Circulation System

The air circulation system in your house plays a vital role in determining the type of climate you are likely to experience. That is why smart companies have developed fans that make your stay at home as comfortable as possible. The Haiku Ceiling Fan is an excellent example of such fans. The fan comes with sensors that take note of heat and humidity changes in the environment.

Haiku Ceiling Fan also comes with motion detectors that can assess if you are in the room or not and make changes according to your desires. The best part of all of this is that it can be controlled using an application on any smart device. Such capabilities give you access to the fan no matter your location.


Indeed smart technology gadgets are dictating almost every part of our lives, including the climate in our homes. These gadgets are becoming increasingly appealing to use as you can control them from anywhere. The Nest Thermostat, for instance, allows you to adjust the house’s temperature even when you are away from home. The case is valid even for the GE Energy Star air conditioner, which can also learn your location and make the necessary cooling changes.