5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

Office gift exchange is a huge deal in most offices. However, finding a perfect and thoughtful gift for your coworker while staying within budget can be challenging. Whatever gift you want to give, it’s always fun to think outside the box and get something that will show your coworker how much you appreciate them. From coffee mugs to stationery and sports mugs, you can never go wrong with these ideas.

Sport mug

Most people’s pass time is none other than sporting activities, such as baseball, football, or rugby. There is always that person who is always on the screen when the game is turned on. Therefore, no doubt gifting them a sports mug will grab their attention. It’s always good to get someone a practical gift that relates to their passion. Therefore, a sports mug will be an ideal Christmas gift for that coworker who adores sports to enjoy their beer while watching their favorite game. You can find the gift in an awards store or retail shop.

Custom Engraved Paddle Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board

Just as there are sportspeople in the office, there is a coworker who enjoys cooking. A Custom Engraved Paddle Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board is a perfect gift for them because they can always chop their meats, fruits, vegetables, or any other ingredient on the chopping board. With customer laser engraving, the coworker will feel special and appreciated. The good thing about buying an engraved bamboo cutting board is that it is naturally heat and bacteria-resistant. It’s also eco-friendly and an incredible renewable resource.

Smart mug

A smart mug is an ideal Christmas gift for a coworker who needs their coffee 24/7. If your coworker lets their cup of coffee get cold every time because they are busy working on other things in the office, there is just the perfect gift for them. The smart mug allows them to keep their coffee set to their desired temperature for hours on end, and they can adjust it using their phones when need be. The smart mug will also allow the coworker to get notifications of the status in the app in case they forgot about their coffee. Although the mug may be pricey, it’s a thoughtful and practical gift for coffee lovers.

Arched Rosewood Gift Clock

There is no perfect gift like the gift of time. A clock is a practical gift that will keep the coworker on their toes when they do not have their phone to check the time. An arched rosewood gift clock has an appealing look and will always remind your coworker about you when they check the time. This is a perfect Christmas gift for any colleague or loyal employee, and it will always be a constant reminder of your appreciation.

Artificial Anthurium Potted Plant

Gifting coworker plants can be somehow tricky, especially if they do not have a green thumb or live in a neighborhood without adequate lighting. The coworker might not be prepared to be a plant parent; hence, a live plant may not go well with them. That is why you should opt to get then an artificial plant that looks real. Some of the options include a faux anthurium which will beautify their house and make it lively.

Portable charger

If you have a coworker who is always borrowing a charger at the office, you can get them a portable charger. A good quality portable charger is not only an emergency backup for their smartphone, but it can also charge their tablet, MP3 player, or digital camera. With the Christmas holidays, everyone needs to fully charge their smartphones to stay in touch with their family members. After the holidays, the charger will come in handy for the coworker at the office as they won’t have to borrow anymore or stay offline because their batteries run out. They’ll truly appreciate this special gift.


When gifting your coworkers, you should look for thoughtful, affordable, and practical gifts that will not offend them. It may be hard to choose a gift, especially if you are not too close with the coworker, but you must at least find out what they like so you get an idea of what to get them. The trick is to get a useful and practical gift.