Total VPN Review 2020: Is This VPN Service Best?

Total VPN

Total VPN is one of the youngest VPN but has gained popularity recently. They promise to give access to all people at zero cost. Maybe you wanted to know, is this VPN service best? We have the best answer for you below; keep reading.


  • Faster live chat support
  •  User-friendly support
  • 30 days refund


  • A limited number of the user
  • It questions privacy policy

What is the total VPN?

Total VPN is the US service that delivers both premium and a freemium version for the user. Endurance International Group operates it. This is still the same company owned by Bluehost and

They provide access to more than 45 countries across the world. The Total VPN is compatible with all primary platforms such as Mac, Linux, Androids, and many more. You will get this service for free, no charges. They also offer paid subscriptions to their customers, which are cheaper and affordable to most users.

How safe and private are you with TOTAL VPN

The VPN owner claims they will protect your information and will not share it with a third party. When you are connected to a free wife networked, you are protected all time.

The service monitors no logins.

User personal information will be encrypted when you go through the network.


Is using this free VPN reliable? Yes, because the information given to the account is secured. This VPN is expected to perform well and is good. But sometimes, it may fail to download and install.

The cost of the Total VPN

This VPN offers you an affordable price. The structure is organized for free and premium plans. You have an option to use one of the services.

Payment method

When you want to use premium, you can pay with Visa, Paypal, MasterCard, or Delta. You have an option to pay with Bitcoin as well.

Speed Tests: How Fast Is TotalVPN?

When you are watching movies, you will probably experience all the VPN lowers the internet connection speed. But for this VPN, the speed test runs from a 75 Mbps internet connection. The server speed is good for streaming.

Server and performance

The premium users of the total VPN target 27 countries with 33 accesses. The USA hosts servers for the seven cities, and other countries are getting only one. When you select your server wisely, the total VPN user should not have any issue when streaming. For the free version, it will be a bit slow for gaming.

Customer service

Total VPN offers its customer service 24/7 live chat. It may respond to you immediately, but some it takes 20 to 30 minutes. When you have any questions, you can ask customer care, and you will get feedback from them. They replied to all live chats and presented the product you need.

What to consider before getting a Total service VPN

Here is what you should look for on this VPN:

Is the service easy to use?

It would help if you had a VPN that does not waste your time. You click and go. That is what you need to check for the total VPN. Any of the VPN takes a lot; the time does not look worthy and is wasting you.

How wide is its service coverage?

When it comes to looking for the VPN server, you need to look for the quality and not quantity; the more you get a high number of services, the better and good service you benefit from.


You need to check the security of the VPN if it works best for you. The algorithm used is highly secure and remains the gold standard for the VPN industry. You will be safe using this service.


Total VPN has exciting news that you will need to check and benefit from. When it comes to speed, it offers you the best service of the rate. This is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for easy to use VPN. It gives you customer service any time you need them. I highly recommend her as one of the best VPN service providers available.