Keeping Your Shabby Chic Nursery Room Pest Free

Nursery Room

The shabby chic style is one of the most attractive and beautiful design to adapt to your house. This style is a culmination of quaint imperfection and natural beauty, all wrapped up into a versatile package to fit your interior decor needs. The nursery room is probably one of the most popular rooms in the house where this style is adopted. Following the shabby chic route means you will have to come with innovative and clever strategies to inspire warm and fuzzy emotions the moment someone enters the room.

Use of mini cot bed, beech wood cot or mokee cots for your baby cot bed as nursery furniture, brings a sophisticated and unique design. Mokee beds are minimalistic and simple that would easily blend in with any pattern you choose. Mini cot bed and mokee cots are the common cot.

Adopting neutral and pastel colours for your shabby chic pallet easily let you customize the colour of the room according to the baby’s gender. Theses colours can be reflected everywhere from your mokee bed to your Moses baskets. Pink shows it’s for a girl and blue for a boy. Gender neutral colour, such as yellow and green, is also okay.

At the same time, while adapting this beautiful design, you have to ensure that the nursery is pest free and particularly the baby cot bed. A baby’s nursery has to be the safest in the house. This is because your child will be spending most of their rime in that room during their initial growth stages. Being a parent means that you have to protect your child from harmful creepers and ensure that your child is not bothered.

Why Pest May Appear in Your Nursery

There are a number of reasons why these creepy-crawlers may find their way into your baby nursery. Maybe you have left spills, food particles and crumbs of snacks while you were feeding them; this especially happens if you have a baby who is a messy eater. Another reason that may attract particularly flies and ants from the outdoors is spilled formula or milk.

Pest, mainly flies may be attracted by the smell of a dirty diaper, especially around your changing station and baby cot bed. Regardless of the amount of cleaning done, if you do not pay close attention to these areas, some type of pest or rodents will always appear.

Moths are notoriously known for feeding on the cotton fibres of your baby’s cot. They leave holes and small tears as a sign of their aftermath, which eventually leads to the destruction of these items. From cotton blankets to clothes, these pestering bugs will eat them all, destroying them in the process. Then there is the problem of termites. These bugs will consume your baby’s beech wood cot and affect its integrity.

Handling Pest in Your Shabby Chic Baby Nursery

Pests and vermin often carry a sleuth of diseases. They can also inflict bites and stings on your baby causing them pain and skin irritations. They pose a threat to hygiene, and a serious infestation may cause a serious problem in terms of comfortability in the rest of the house. Proper control measures and home maintenance techniques will be proper tools against the prevalence of vermin and pest in your baby’s shabby chic nursery and the rest of your household.

Always ensure that your baby’s nursery is clean it is part of home maintenance. Do not let dirty clothes pile up, especially those with food particles stuck to them and nappies. Remove them from the room as soon as they are off your baby’s body. A Moses baskets to store these dirty clothes will suffice.

As soon as you finish feeding the baby, ensure that you clean any spills and crumbs of food. Any remaining food that you intend to use later should be covered efficiently with Tupperware or any other tight container of your choosing so that you don’t attract pest. For smells and stains that persistently linger on your baby’s clothes, use a concoction of baking soda and vinegar.

You also have to keep the outside of the nursery clean gardening is essential. In case you take your baby outdoors, you don’t want them to come into contact with this pest. Implementing proper gardening techniques will discourage the prevalence of pest and unearth any of their eggs.

If your control measures are inadequate against the fight of bugs, rodents, and other vermin, employing the use of pest control services such as an ant exterminator is also an efficient means to handle these critters. Pest control is especially effective because it will cover both your home and garden. One thing to keep in mind though is to ensure you get a baby safe pest control company.

This means the fumigation process has to be safe for children in terms of chemicals used and trained personnel,


Maintaining proper hygiene is the surest way to curb all incidences of infestation. Simply keep your home and garden clean. If they appear, however, try using all of the natural pests control methods before opting for fumigation services. In most cases, the infestation may not be as serious and, you can take care of it yourself. Let pests control services be at the bottom of your options list.