Top Ideas to Change Interior Design of Your House

Top Ideas to Change Interior Design of Your House

After a hard day at work, you come home and feel dissatisfied. Something is missing, something makes you feel unhappy upon entering. It could be the layout of the room, it could be the furniture or even the color scheme of the room. After everyday chaos, you want to come home to some peace and relaxation. If you can’t get this, then it is time for a change. We’re going to give you some tips on how to improve your home interior so that you’ll always feel at ease when entering the house.

Choose Your Style

The very first thing you should do when wanting to redesign your house is a simple one. What do you want your house to look like? It’s painfully obvious, yet people usually don’t give it a second thought. We aren’t talking about what TV you want, what couch, or what paint. How do you want your entire house to look like? What will scream that this is your property? You need to determine your style and that’s how you turn a house into a home. So ask yourself, do you want to be elegant, industrial, inviting, traditional, international, or any of the sorts? Take inspiration from everyday life and see what gives you a sense of ecstasy just thinking of it. Look over the things you don’t like in your house and get rid of them. Sell it, give it to charity, throw it away, just get rid of it. You don’t want to spend your days surrounded by things you hate.


People are often indecisive (or at least I am). This leads to situations where you can’t decide what color you want to use for your new walls. Fear not, as there is a way to solve this. Don’t be shy when choosing a new color palette. Take samples and apply them on wallpaper samples on the wall, once you’re done with this, observe them throughout the day, from different angles, and during the morning, day, and evening to see if it’s to your liking. Don’t be afraid to mix, or add more colors to the mix. Although it’s advisable to stick to color schemes and complementary colors, mixing up, or going with unorthodox color schemes can lead to a more attractive and unique outlook. Going for more basic designs or nature-inspired schemes turns your walls into a gallery exhibit. Use black colors for a bold and industrial look, red for a specific piece to draw attention.

Size of the Furniture

Depending on the amount of available space in your house, you might want to go with smaller-sized furniture in order to create room for more crucial parts. It goes without saying that a larger room should also have larger furniture to appear cohesive. A well-made balance of small and large furniture creates a feeling of balance when entering the room. Shrinking the dining table is a great way of making more walking space.


Don’t you dare order new curtains before taking the measurements of the window surface first! Having precise details leads to nicely fit decorations. Not having the precise measurements, however, leads to an ugly and stale look, even causing physical discomfort with some.


Lighting decides what is the intended atmosphere in a room. Dim lights indicate a more relaxing atmosphere, while strongly lit rooms encourage a lively atmosphere. Be careful so that every part of the room is well-lit when going for a livelier atmosphere. Decide what you want to go within every room in order to turn your house into a cohesive unit. 


Everything must be glorious and in-your-face these days. Minimalism is making a comeback! People are getting tired of clustered spaces and are settling more for a minimal appearance where you can just appreciate the finer things in a room.

Wooden Welcome

Adding wooden furniture and colors leads to a warmer atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be expensive Norwegian wood either. Reclaimed wood has its own character that can complement a room well on its own. Sand down the surface for a more rustic approach.

Repaint the Shutters

If your shutters have the old and rusty white color, it’s time for painting. Even though it’s a relatively smart part of the room, painting it a different color can give off a completely different vibe and sense of style.

Express Yourself

We all want our homes to look like five-star hotels, but that’s only temporary. When you realize that those hotel rooms don’t have any personal touches to them, they fade away. This is why if you want your home to really shine, you have to make it yours. Whether it was a project you had in middle school or old family pictures. Make the place yours, be proud of it and display it to the world.

Plan Thoroughly

You might like how your windows look with one color but don’t get ahead of yourself and start painting everything that looks great in one color, unless you want to end up with a room where everything is colored mental-institution white. Think ahead, and decide on things one at a time, but think of the bigger picture on how it would fit in with the other items. 

Decorate a Room with Flags

Want a unique international atmosphere? Get some string banners of country flags and hang them around your room. it offers a welcoming atmosphere in any household. 

Utilize the Architecture

Some parts of the house are bound to have their unique elements. These are perfect opportunities to pour out creativity. Repairing old houses are a great way of making a clean slate for pouring out creative tendencies. 


An easy way of making the space feel larger than it actually is by adding the same flooring pattern throughout your house. Don’t want the flooring to become too repetitive? Don’t worry, rugs are a great way of breaking up the continuity.

Highlight the Fireplace

The fireplace is a centerpiece of the room, it has a special aura around it. Painting it with bright colors creates a feeling of relaxation around it. It can also serve as a shelf that really ties the room together.

Seasonal Updates

Some styles just work better at a certain season. Your house will give out a welcoming aura when it has seasonal decorations. Decorate your rooms with decorations that really echo the current season. 

Use Larger Furniture but Less of it

Although it might seem counter-productive, using larger furniture in smaller rooms leads to the room feeling larger. Avoid pushing the furniture against the wall, as then the entire point is gone. Try to get some space around the furniture from all angles.

Gallery Wall 

Art brings out the best in us. Covering your wall in art makes it appear grand and inspiring. Placing a single picture makes it appear elegant and minimalist. You can achieve this with several small paintings to fill up the space, or with one single magnificent artwork. Bonus points if you place it above a room centerpiece like a fireplace.

Design Around Sight

There is a reason why the TV is placed at the direct center of the room, it’s at the center of everyone’s attention. Placing the decorations, you want to receive the most attention are best placed at the very center, and just work your way to the peripheries. 

Don’t Forget About the Bathroom 

The bathroom usually gets less attention than other rooms, this is here to remind you that when designing your house, you cannot forget about the bathroom! Apply the tips for lighting, walls, and color here as well.


Creating zones in your house leads to a more cohesive experience, where everyone can exactly read the atmosphere upon entering the room, this one is best complimented with proper lighting. You can also use curtains or walls to separate your workplace from the rest of the room.

Move Floor Tiles onto the Walls

This one is definitely a niche type of thing. Just picture your current (or new) tiles, and how would they look if you would place them on the walls as well. Weird, right? Weird things can sometimes work under certain circumstances, so try it. Another, albeit less drastic option, would be adding new and unique brick, or stone tiles onto your walls.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a nice way of making small spaces appear larger. Placing them across from windows adds instant light to the room. Put them in places where you don’t have anything hanged, it’ll make the room pop, mirrors add a more serene ambiance to the room.

Make it Shine!

Adding some jewels or shiny decorations in the middle of your living room brings an outstanding aura of elegance (if done badly, it looks tacky). Of course, you don’t have to purchase a giant ruby, stainless steel does the same job at a much lower price. 

One With Nature

With eco-friendly being a trend for some time now, it’s only common sense to put it as a decorative theme in housing as well. Scattering well-placed plants over your house bring out a healthier and more relaxing environment when entering a room. Placing them in the hallway makes sure that the first thing you and your guests encounter when entering is a green welcome. Just don’t overdo it with the plants, as it can become a mosquito hive mind very fast.