7 Must-Haves to Carry in Your Make-up Bag

Make-up Bag

The way you present yourself dictates how the people you meet will treat you. While it’s vital that you look beautiful, you don’t need to look like a supermodel either. A good dressing can be on a casual maxi dress and tidy hair topped up with a good makeup game will win you all the favors.

If you’ve mastered the art of makeup game, read below for the top makeup essentials you shouldn’t miss in your bag. If you like to do water sports then you must be sure to add on some essential waterproof make-up pieces into your bookmarks so you can check every time you pack your makeup purse.

#1. Mascara

Mascara is the number one go-to option of any Lady who wants some bit of attention. They’re made with precision to add length and extra thickness to your lashes, making them more noticeable.

Mascaras are available in two options which you may choose from depending on your preference; the washable mascaras, and waterproof ones. The primary difference between these two options is that the washable mascara has higher water content.

This makes it easier to apply and remove. They also allow extra flexibility to your eyelashes. The waterproof mascaras, on the other hand, works by binding the lashes together. They have lesser water content and last longer.

#2. Lip Balm

Made to protect your lips from the harsh external conditions which may otherwise cause them chap, develop cracks, bleed and lead to pain, lip balms are considerably cheaper. They’re also easy to carry and can be applied anytime on the move. If you continuously engage in outdoor activities, it’s a necessity you should never overlook.

For starters, you can easily apply the lip balm with your hand by gently rubbing it on the lips. Either way, if it came with a style tube, you can also apply it directly. It will soothe, add moisture to your lips, make them shine, and give you extra confidence each time you step out.

#3. Hand Cream

Ever tried to keep your hands moisturized, soft, and free from chafing but didn’t know the way to go? Be sure to try out the hand creams on your palms. It moisturizes, the hand protecting it from UV rays with the help of sunscreen.

Some are also infused with herbs and ingredients which help with pain relief, nourish skin, and reduce inflammation on the hands. After washing your hands, be sure to apply it to keep your hands looking softer and younger. If you love fragrance, be sure to check for scented hand creams.

#4. Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is portable, easy to touch up your face with, and convenient. It doesn’t require a foundation to apply. Use it to touch up your face any time of the day, anywhere and clear blemishes in seconds.

It contains essential oils and is heavy making it an excellent option for cleaning blemishes on the skin for a natural skin tone. It will absorb any oil on the face, and will not easily spill in your purse, leaving it in a mess as it would happen with liquid foundation.

#5. Lipstick

This is a critical component of every girl’s makeup regimen. It has been there for decades and still stands out as a primary makeup component that you shouldn’t forget in your makeup purse.

The primary benefits of lipstick include making your lips more beautiful and brightening your smile. It also comes in handy if you want your eyes to appear more explicitly. They naturally enhance eye color, making them a little more prominent, and striking.

Moreover, since your lips lack melanin, they’ll step up to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun, which would otherwise damage them. Finally, when shopping for lipsticks, ensure your color choice matches your complexion. Your makeup artist should help you select the best one for you.

#6. Little Perfume

Body odor is a huge turnoff for most people. Don’t let body odor kill your self-esteem. Before getting in for that important interview/date, be sure to touch up your body a little. It’s essential that you always arm yourself with a bit of perfume in the purse, so it doesn’t take up too much space in the bag, and to make it easy to apply any time.

#7. Travel Toothbrush

You are wrong if you think that toothbrushes are meant to stay back at home. The general rule to ensuring clean oral hygiene is brushing your teeth after each meal. The American Dental Association puts it this way; “It’s critical to have a toothbrush whether electrical or manual to help you get rid of oral plaques which lead to the development of tooth decay, foul smell from the mouth, and even diseases.”

On your day out, there’s nothing capable of killing your morale than a spinach piece left sticking on your teeth or worse off strong garlic smell coming off your mouth . To avoid these little embarrassments you can have a little shot of weller bourbon and a small toothbrush in your purse, which you can pull out anytime.

#8. Makeup Dupes

Make up dupes are a popular option for many people who want to achieve a similar makeup look to a high-end product but without the high price tag. One of the main reasons people choose makeup dupes is cost, as they are generally much more affordable than high-end makeup products. In addition, makeup dupes offer accessibility to people who may not have access to high-end makeup brands in their area, as well as a way to experiment with different makeup looks and colors without investing a lot of money.

Some makeup dupes are also of high quality and perform just as well as their high-end counterparts. Lastly, some people may choose makeup dupes due to ethical concerns about purchasing from certain high-end brands. Overall, makeup dupes offer an affordable, accessible, and ethical option for those who want to achieve a similar makeup look without breaking the bank.

Take Away

A good makeup game is critical for a striking appearance. When shopping for makeup be sure to look for top quality ones which you’re comfortable in and matches your skin type, and tone.

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