8 Ideas To Help Fund Your Next Adventure

Ideas To Help Fund Your Next Adventure

Do you have a bucket list of adventures that you want to embark on? It can be difficult for many people to find the money for their next adventure. If this sounds like you, then there are some ways that you can fund your next trip! In this blog post, we will go over 8 ideas that will help fund your next adventure from saving up with friends to using credit card points.

Apply for a Loan

One of the ways to fund your adventure is to apply for a personal loan from Rapid Loans. However, there are some things that you should consider before applying for any kind of debt. It’s best to keep your debt low and make sure that it’s manageable. It is important to ensure that you have a plan for how you will pay back the loan. If you aren’t able to secure the loan by yourself, consider adding a co-signer to your loan. If you have someone else who is financially responsible to sign with you, then it’s more likely that you will qualify for the loan.

Ask Friends & Family to Help Pay

This would be perfect for that family or friend who just doesn’t know how they will ever get away from work one day. Ask them if they would be interested to travel with you. Having a travel buddy that can help out and pitch in towards your travel fund is not only a smart way to fund your next adventure but also a good bonding moment. Book your next adventure with someone dear to you and spend quality time travelling the world together.

Sell Your Unused Stuff & Old Car

If your garage is starting to look like an episode of “Hoarders”, clean it up by selling some of your old junk! If you have clothes, electronics, or anything else that has been collecting dust in your house, post pictures on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and ask if anyone would be interested in buying your items. You can also sell your car to put towards your trip fund! Cars are expensive so this will help get rid of one item from your long list of monthly bills.

Use Swagbucks for Cash Back Rewards

This doesn’t sound exciting but it adds up! Swagbucks is an online search engine that rewards you with points for your normal internet activity. The points can be redeemed to score a gift card or a Visa cash card! Who doesn’t love free money?

Apply for an Alternate Rewards Credit Card

Countless credit cards offer big sign-up bonuses and cash-back rewards. They range from airline miles to hotel points, so you should find one that suits your spending habits best! Be sure to read the fine print as some of these offers have specific terms and conditions.

Work as a Host or Bartender

If you are looking for some extra spending money, you could always work while travelling. Many hostels and resorts need help especially in peak seasons. You might also want to consider working in exchange for a free board and lodging to save you money. You never know, maybe they have other part-time jobs available too!

Sell Your Photos & Magazines

Taking pictures is fun, watching them sit on your computer until it crashes is not! If your camera roll has tons of pictures that are just taking up space because it’s hard to sort through them all then try putting them up for sale. Many different websites offer photo sales so take advantage of this opportunity before it gets lost in the abyss! In addition to selling photos, you can also sell your old magazines. You probably have tons of them in your house or car so take some pictures, upload them to the website of your choice, and make some money!

Boost Your Monthly Income

If you are looking for a way to put even more cash towards your next trip but don’t want to do any extra work you could always boost your income every month! Whether it’s babysitting, doing yard work, or having a garage sale, there are many ways that you can earn an extra $100-$500 each month by spending only 15-30 minutes here and there. Plus, who doesn’t need some extra money in their pocket?

Everyone loves a good trip, you included! Staying out on the road for weeks at a time is amazing but it sure can be expensive. If you are willing to put in the small amount of extra effort, your dream vacation could become reality much faster than you had ever thought possible. Happy Travels!