Ways to Upgrade Your Walls Without Paint

Ways to Upgrade Your Walls Without Paint

Paint is usually the first thing people think of when updating the walls inside their homes. Paint is a cheap and easy DIY project. Since painting is a pretty typical method of changing up the look of a space, you might want to try out something else. Here are some of our favorite ways to update your walls without paint.


Wallpaper is a creative way to update your space without painting. Old-fashioned wallpapers might have unflattering floral prints on them, but nowadays, wallpaper is much more modern, and many companies offer custom wallpaper so you can get the perfect design for you.

Temporary Wallpaper

You can get temporary wallpaper if you do not want to hang permanent wallpaper. This is a popular trend with renters because it is easy to remove. If you’re renting a house, get a small sample piece of the wallpaper you would like to use and test it out on a small portion of the wall to make sure it does not damage the wall when you need to remove it when you move out.

Folding Screens

Folding screens are a great option because they don’t attach to the walls at all. You can place them against your walls for a fresh look, then move them if necessary. If you rent your home, folding screens are a great way to dress up the walls without actually painting them. You can paint folding screens any color you want, or dangle photos or plants on them. There are so many ways to decorate with a folding screen.

Put Tiles on the Walls

While tiles are typically used only on the kitchen & bathroom walls, they are great in other rooms in your house to give some color and texture. Tiles come in all sorts of colors and patterns, making it easy to update your space with fresh designs. It’s a fantastic project to complete with the kids.


Shelves can dress up your walls in so many ways. Arrange them in a funky pattern or opt for a more modern twist. Shelves double as storage space, also. You can arrange them with books or plants, reducing clutter and adding eye-level visuals. Use your imagination to decorate shelves in a way that works with the space and your personal style.

Wall Decals Stickers

Like temporary wallpaper, wall decal stickers also make for fun visuals and designs on your walls that you can change frequently. If you like decorating for different holidays, these are a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations. Test the decals on a small portion of a wall first to find out if they’ll cause damage to your wall surface before putting them up everywhere.

Install Faux Stone.

You can also install faux stone or brick to give your walls texture and depth. You can place it on every wall of a room or use one as an accent wall in a specific area. It’s DIY-friendly, can be done over the weekend, is quite affordable, and is not something that you will typically see on the walls of other houses, making your space unique and distinctive to you.

Make a Gallery Wall

If you have a huge, blank wall you just can not decide what you should do with, consider turning it into a showcase wall. To plan out the wall better, organize what you want to put up and lay out each piece on the floor in the order you want to display it on the wall. Arrange everything and get it just perfect before you hang it to save yourself from drilling unnecessary holes in your wall. 

Washi Tape

If you have a smaller space you want to upgrade you can use washi tape to change the look of your walls. Washi tape is durable enough for a wall covering but is quite easy to remove. There are tons of colors & patterns for washi tape so it will be easy to find a pattern you love. You can change out the washi tape on your walls from time to time to quickly and easily upgrade the space.

Show off a Collection

Whether you collect pottery or pint glasses, action figures or anything else, showcasing a collection on or against a wall is a great way to add character and visuals. You can do this by adding shelving or displaying your collection on top of a dresser or console table. 

Tile Transfers

If your kitchen or bathroom walls are looking a little sprucing up, you can buy some tile transfers or tile stickers to give them some character without having to replace the tiles in a room. Tile transfers are decorative adhesive stickers that you can place on existing tiles to upgrade their color or pattern.


Tapestries are another way to update a space without having to paint and they’re easy to change when you want a new look. Tapestries come in all sizes, designs, and patterns and are a great way to add a center visual to your wall. Tapestries are also a great DIY option if you want to add something that is more personal to your space. All you need is a canvas drop cloth and some markers. If you have kids, this might be a good art project for them. Tapestries are great in kids’ rooms – they can have an ongoing project in which they doodle on the empty tapestries whenever they want a wall to draw on.