10 Best Escape Rooms in the World

Best Escape Rooms in the World

Soon after the virtual and online escape rooms made it into the mainstream of the entertainment industry, the physical or live-action escape rooms soon followed the lead. Now considered a lucrative business opportunity, these breakout escape rooms have become immensely popular in the market and a topic of attraction for the younger generations, teens, and adults alike. So, without waiting any further, let us look at the compiled list of the 10-best escape rooms in the world worth traveling to: 

  • Escape the Diefenbunker 

With two thrilling escape rooms to choose from, you can have a fun and memorable time playing escape games in this largest existing escape room with your family and friends. Also, the whole place is a cold war museum and gives you plenty of opportunities to explore more and lose yourself in this bunker’s exquisite historic beauty.  

  • The Mr. X Mystery House 

A little different than many escape rooms, this mystery puzzle house takes you on a journey where you will encounter various themed rooms that are slightly unsettling in their ways and will leave your spine tingling in the eerie atmosphere. And if you think that’s it, wait till the background music becomes a clue and the puzzles start leading you to mysterious doors that you’d swear weren’t there when you’d entered.  

  • The Official SAW Escape Room 

It derives its themes from the blockbuster horror franchise, the SAW, and t is a fully immersive and multi-room experience where you can enjoy birthday celebrations and bachelor and bachelorette parties while learning about team building and strategic working under limited time. The puzzles are interactive and captivating and will keep you entertained and hooked for a long time.  

  • The Laboratory 

The Laboratory is a notably fascinating escape room where you embark on a journey to solve different puzzles and finish the challenges before you run out of time. You find yourself locked inside the lab of a mad scientist named Dr. Crowl with a bomb planted in the room. And it is now up to your team to combine them and create the ultimate key to ensure your survival in the Laboratory Escape Room.  

  • Sherlocked 

This escape room is the most challenging and engaging activity you can do with your family, friends, and coworkers. The puzzles embrace the art of suspense and storytelling and are fun and captivating. And there are two escape rooms on different themes that will leave you on the edge of your seats throughout the game. Thus, if you want to learn team-building and management via an activity that is both challenging and an out-of-the-box concept, Sherlocked suits your taste.  

  • The Basement 

Experience the thrill and a formidable challenge in this escape room as you and your team members race against time to crack the code and figure out the clues to solve the twisted puzzles and escape before the cannibalistic killer finds you again. Set up with a touch of unsetting horror and realistic elements of terror in an immersive background with a live-action sequence, the Basement will play with your mind to check if you are worthy of escaping the hell house.  

  • The Caretaker 

It holds the throne of the scariest escape room ever created and has even made the strongest-willed people feel weak on their knees. The game takes you on a journey within the dark side of the forests in Oregon, where an evil geneticist, Dr. Vermillion, has summoned death and destruction on the way. So, if you’re a diehard horror fan and feel that you can complete and solve the most challenging and scariest escape room, the Caretaker welcomes you with its open arms.  

  • The Dome Escape Room 

The story follows you and your team of researchers conducting tests at the DOME Research Facilities. To escape from the reality-altering effects of the drug sodium cyclamate amidst a cyborg attack, it is now up to your group to solve the cryptic clues and enigmatic puzzles if you want to escape the facility. Filled with captivating sci-fi-inspired elements and a well-developed immersive gaming environment, you will want to re-create your fun experience here countless times.  

  • The Great Houdini Escape Room 

The production value of the clues and riddles of this one-of-a-kind escape room will keep you mesmerized throughout the game, while the surprising elements will test your mind and skills to decipher the answer and break out before the time runs out. Housing the ideas and codes of a brilliant mind and artist, this place is a must-visit due to its old magician-type puzzles and a breathtaking setting.  

  • Budapest Express 

Aboard the trans-European Budapest Express, you have the task of uncovering the killer on the express before the next station arrives in an hour. And to make things intriguing, the killer secretly makes you their next target. With an incredible theme, puzzles that help your brain work out, and a clean and friendly environment, this escape room is perfect for spending some quality bonding time with your family and friends. 

With the constantly growing technology, you can expect to see more of these fantastic puzzle games opening and competing with the members of this list in the future. But for now and before the new ones arrive, you can start by creating a bucket list with these worth visiting escape rooms once in your life.