6 Softwares That Can Increase Business Efficiency

Softwares That Can Increase Business Efficiency

No matter your business, getting things done more quickly and having all of your staff functioning effectively is a terrific investment. To make sure that your team is learning new skills effectively as they need to, make sure that your training program functions effectively so new skills can be built as they’re needed.

Productivity Tracking Software

If you have quite a few employees working remotely, especially if your team is working across different borders and time zones, there may be some challenges in making sure that everyone feels that work is being distributed equitably. For those with parents working from home and helping their children with schoolwork or part-time employees putting in odd hours, consider using apps that can help. 

Even if you don’t need to assign shifts and hours, you can easily create a schedule that everyone can see and know when their co-workers can be expected to log on, put in their time, and notify their co-workers of project completions.

Focus Apps

You may also have employees working in shared or co-working spaces. Whether you have everyone under your roof or all around the globe, consider setting up a business subscription for your focus tools so all employees can download these useful tools.

As you start to compile data from focus tools, time tracking, and scheduling apps, take a look at the output. If you have freelancers or contract workers that are extremely productive in the very early hours of the day, do what you can to load up their plate at the end of your workday to get the best results from their time.

Calendar Meshing

Having an interactive calendar for management and employees is crucial to the success of your business. In these virtual times, the need for online training software is now more crucial than ever. There are certain companies that can greatly simplify this process, reduce costs, and boost overall business efficiency. With calendar meshing, you can have all of your company training resources stored in an easily accessible, organized, and interactive calendar. You can even track training enrollments, registrations, payments, and analyze post-training metrics to calculate your return on investment. This increases simplicity and timeliness, as compared to using third-party ticketing websites which can be confusing and costly. Having the ability to showcase all of your training courses by category or tag makes having an all-in-one platform an extremely smart business investment. 

Project Management Software

For those who need to put together projects with multiple steps, having project management software like Teamly, Asana or Trello is a primary go-to for everyone on the team is critical. Getting everyone to buy in on this type of communication can be a challenge if your organization is used to piecemeal communication.

For example, if you have one project leader who excels at verbal communication, you may need project management software that offers speech to text. If your team tends to communicate via email, having a virtual cabinet where you can catalog and search through email communications is critical. Set deadlines for when the training has to be done, which projects are to be fully tied into the software immediately, and when older data needs to be moved over. Checking out reviews and using review aggeragorts is especially advisable when choosing software. Those can help you make the right decisions!

Customer Relationship Management Software

Like supplier database management, your customer relationship software needs to offer all of your customer support professionals and your relationship managers need to be able to track previous connections, previous purchases, and the current state of the client relationships.

The ability to see previous contacts and check the temperature of a client relationship is critical to every member of your team. Nobody should be worried to take a call or respond to an email because they fear being blindsided by an unhappy client.

Time Tracking Software

Bottom line, the time that your employees put in needs to have some output at the end of their working cycle. If possible, pairing this time tracking software with productivity tracking can tell you a lot about how to get the best out of your people.

Consider also looking for survey software that you can use to gather data from your employees and contract workers for their best times to work uninterrupted. Contract workers will happily let you know their most productive times.

Efficiency, awareness, and confidence can go a long way to supporting everyone in your organization so they can produce their best work. Make sure that everyone in your organization has access to the training needed to access the tracking tools listed above.