Is Surrogacy Legal In Mexico? Is It Available for All Couples?

Is Surrogacy Legal In Mexico

Becoming a parent is the dream that sooner or later hits every couple. Giving life to a new person, taking care of them, and opening the bright future for a child makes us a better kind of people. 

Still, this dream is not always easy to reach. Children aren’t born exactly how and when we want them to be. If you find yourself in a situation searching for a surrogacy solution, you understand these feelings. 

Anyway, surrogacy is one of the best ways to have a child nowadays. Being legal, well organized, and a conscious act, it lets you have a baby with your own DNA, – that is how far surrogacy has gone. With the help of the World Center of Baby, many couples found the best solutions for surrogacy in Mexico, Ukraine, Canada, India, and Greece. This agency is an expert in the sphere of reproductive medicine and is ready to offer you its services in the most convenient conditions. 

How to Receive Surrogacy Services from the World Center of Baby and What Is the Cost of Surrogacy In Mexico?

All surrogacy services given by the World Center of Baby are aimed at different types of future parents including single, gay couples, straight married, as well as traditional families. The agency makes it simpler and more pleasurable to obtain surrogacy services. 

It is responsible for organizing all stages starting from donor selection, matching intended parents with the donor, medical testing all along the way, and finishing with trips to a country chosen for surrogacy and legal support. So, no matter if you are a heterosexual couple or LGBT+, surrogacy in Mexico is for you. 

Luckily, surrogacy laws in Mexico are mild enough with the exception of several states. Anyway, the agency will help you avoid complications and will guarantee the legal procedure of surrogacy in Mexico.

Here are the benefits you get with the World Center of Baby. 

  • Surrogacy insurance. 

What makes the World Center of Baby a popular choice is the guarantees. The risks related to pregnancy and delivery get minimized every time. You get the full coverage for this sphere. Visit the forum at the official website to find out more details about insurance. 

  • Proven and healthy donors. 

Not every woman can become a surrogate mother – only those women who are thoroughly screened and have already been a mother once can have a chance to carry a baby for this agency’s clients. 

  • Coordination in documentation and law. 

The legal side can be complicated sometimes but this team helps you settle the difficulties with all documents including written agreements for surrogacy and contracts with the clinic. Besides, you get reliable support when receiving a birth certificate which can be painstaking, especially for foreign intended parents. 

  • Progressive surrogacy options. 

In the World Center of Baby, the choice often falls on gestational surrogacy which is a perfect way to relate the baby genetically to intended parents.  

  • A variety of surrogacy programs.

They are customized according to your wishes and the cost of surrogacy in Mexico that you are ready to pay. For foreigners, the cost usually turns out to be up to 100,000 USD. This price is way cheaper than the same surrogacy in the US. 

So, don’t try to find a surrogacy agency in Mexico by yourself. Trust experts in the sphere who will go and beyond for you to fully enjoy parenthood and the period of preparation.