Looking for Top Event Management Colleges in Jaipur

Looking for Top Event Management Colleges in Jaipur

Event Management is ideating, conceptualizing, and executing various events. It involves utilizing resources appropriately to give an unparallel experience to people. Events could be:

  • Company Events such as the launch of brands, promotional activities, conferences, team-building exercises, etc.
  • Festivals such as Diwali, Lohri, Christmas, etc.
  • Special Occasions like wedding, baby shower, etc.
  • Concerts
  • Fashion Shows
  • Election Rallies
  • Sports Meet
  • Exhibitions 

A career in event management is creatively fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding. Exciting since every day is a roller coaster ride. Creatively fulfilling since you not only get the satisfaction of seeing your concepts come to life and even getting appreciated for the same. This admiration converts into further business and word-of-mouth publicity. Since it involves good remuneration besides the advantage of socializing, traveling, and flexibility in work, it is one of the most rewarding fields.       

Skills required for Event management

  • Passion and creativity will help you to come up with innovative concepts and solutions. 
  • Good communication & networking skills: Event management requires an outgoing personality since it involves interaction not only with the stakeholders but also with various teams executing the event. Furthermore, you are expected to take all the necessary permissions for the event. While satisfied clients will ensure further business, a satisfied team will guarantee better event execution.  
  • Time management & Organizational skills: Time management and organizational skill will not only guarantee satisfied clients but also happy vendors. Such that when and if you face any problems, they will be the first ones to stand by you and even recommend you. These skills will also come in handy while working under pressure to meet tight deadlines
  • Multi-Tasking skills are required to deal with multiple teams simultaneously to complete a successful event. 
  • Leadership skills: Leadership skills are required to take the right decision at the right time to motivate the team to fulfill their responsibilities diligently.
  • Versatile: Given the fact that every day is a different day in events, you should be open to wearing various hats-be it in terms of catering, entertainment, business development, decorations, etc.  

Choosing the right college:

Jaipur has many colleges offering “Professional event & experience management courses”. These courses are in line with the current market trends. However before you enroll in event management colleges in Jaipur, you should consider the following

  • Choose a course that has a curriculum and certification co-developed with the Events & Entertainment Management Association of India (EEMA), the largest and premier Industry body of India and entire Asia.
  • The college you choose must have an association with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). This will ensure an internship with the production team during fashion week. 
  • The students should gain experiential learning through participation in various domestic and international events like Jaipur Lit Fest, Dubai Shopping Festival, Indian Fashion Week, Film Festivals, etc. 
  • The college must offer comprehensive internships and placements programs.
  • Experts from EEMA must conduct workshops and masterclasses to provide an up-to-date industry perspective.  
  • The college must ensure hands-on experience in live events. Here the students must be motivated to not only conceptualize events but also execute them along with taking critical decisions when and wherever required. 
  • The college should help develop competencies about allied fields like an understanding of audio-visual technology, integrating with mass & social media, live streaming of events, vendor management, etc.
  • The college should have an extensive alumni network to help connect the students with the industry professionally.

Why event management courses in Jaipur?

  • Known for its rich heritage, Jaipur is a dream destination for weddings as well as for international events like Fashion shows, Miss World Pageants, Literature Fest, International Film Festivals, International Kite flying festival, Pushkar Mela, etc. 
  • Palaces & Forts make Jaipur an exotic location. Besides this, the visitors can be a part of various festivals held throughout the year. 
  • Jaipur is a heritage city that attracts lots of people from across the world. Hence it hosts lots of events and festivals.
  • Jaipur is home to lots of Industries like textile, rugs, woolen goods, vegetable oil, dyes, steel, cement, ceramics and glassware, electronic, leather and footwear, stone and other chemical industries, etc., thus ensuring enough opportunities for events. 
  • Kota, in the vicinity of Jaipur, is an educational hub, thus attracting lots of students. This again provides opportunities for events like college fests, farewell parties, etc., and product launches targeted at students.     
  • Being in the vicinity of India’s capital, Delhi, it plays host to lots of dignitaries and also launches events. 

So what’s holding you back, go ahead and enroll in event management colleges in Jaipur.