How Long Does it Take to Charge a Car Battery While Driving! Details Explanation

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Car Battery While Driving! Details Explanation

There is nothing worsts than a dead car battery while driving. A flat battery will fall you in trouble anytime do not show careless about your battery charging and keep essentials things in your car that are needful for charge battery anytime. Don’t forget to check the battery every morning. Usually, the driver faces a dead battery problem in the morning. Many people have a question that how long does it take to charge a car battery. It completely depends on the voltage and amps. It can happen while you are driving if you don’t focus on the things that are the cause of a dead battery. Sometimes a good driver can also do mistakes so if you don’t face problems while driving keep jump start cable in your car to charge the battery.

How Car Battery Dead?

You should know that how car battery batteries are dead to avoid these habits. Car’s battery dead due to our intention on battery charging. Vehicle needs our attention to work properly and perfectly for long periods. Here are some top reasons why car battery dead:

  • Turn on the air-conditioning while the car is stopped.
  • Stand in the garage for a long time.
  • Do not maintain a car battery properly.
  • Low air temperature
  • Turn off headlights, interior lights, and radio when the car is stopped

These are the major reasons for the flat battery problems and if we do focus on it we will never face this problem.

How to Charge Dead Car Battery?

However, the battery can be charge easily if you are using a good charging cable. Do not buy a cheap quality cable for your car battery it may cause to damage your battery and fall you more problems. For a mid-size battery buy a 4-8ampere charger from a valuable brand. Don’t compromise on your car care products because of its matter of your driving.

Is Fast Charger Good for Car Battery?

A fast charger from a good brand can be good for you if you want to charge the battery fast. Higher ampere charger helpful for you while you are driving and want to reach your destination as soon as possible. But these are not good if you are using a fast charger regularly. It may damage your car battery. It’s a good choice to use a good jump starter rather than to choose a fast charger for a car battery. There are multiple varieties of good jump starters available in the market. Modern jumps starter can help you faster than older. The battery is very sensitive and sometimes a high ampere charger damaged the battery and it may higher cost then charge the battery with a jump starter and waits for a moment.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Car Battery While Driving

How much time is required to charge a battery while driving depends on your driving style and the charging of the battery before start driving? The car battery is charged by your alternator and if your battery fails it’s due to your alternator. The high RPM can cause fast battery charging usually when the engine RPM up car battery charge fastest while driving. However, it is the safest way to charge your car battery while driving. When the engine is running it’s sent the power by the alternator to the battery until it’s full. A car battery can spend a long time with you if you charge the battery while driving. Usually, it takes 30mins to one hour for full battery charging.

However, I already explained that it depends on the driving style. If you are driving on the motorway then it can be charge in 30minutes because we go fast on the motorway as compared to driving in the city. Within the city driving, it takes a maximum of one hour to charge the battery fully. Fast speed car increase RPM that is helpful for fast charging. Try to avoid external battery charging and do charge your car battery while driving to a safe engine and battery.

How to Take Care Car Battery Charging

If you want your car battery fully charge when you start driving then must avoid the things that are the cause of dead battery. We will tell you some simple tips to take care of your car battery charging:

  • Drive frequently as its charge the car battery properly
  • Do not turn on the headlight and interior light while the car is stopped.
  • Turn off air condition, radio, and other electronics while the car is idle. The use of electronics in the car while not driving cause of dead battery.
  • Check terminal regularly because not securely fastened can cause short circuits and internal damage.
  • Keep battery terminals clean with the time.

How to Take Care of Car Battery?

You should know how to take care of a car battery if you don’t want to face battery issues in your car while driving. Here are simple tips to take car care of battery:

  • Check the acid level of our battery every six months.
  • Do not run a battery above four years. It needs to be replaced after every 4 years.
  • If the electrolyte level of the battery is low then add water carefully and only add water that covers the plates.
  • Dust will damage your car battery to keep your car battery clean.
  • Do not lose cable keep the cables tied tightly to make sure everything is secured.
  • Do not stand the vehicle in the garage for a long time.


A careless behavior cause of dead battery and fall you in trouble when you want to go fast. The car battery takes to charge and the dead battery takes extra time to recharge. Usually, we don’t focus on it regularly because we think frequent driving can be fixed the battery charging issue. Don’t forget sometimes we have to do some uncertain things like use air condition, radio, and other electronics frequently while not driving. It’s a big reason for the dead battery. The engine sends the power to the battery for charging ad when the engine is not running how the battery can be battery charge.