RV Covers Vs. Garages: Choosing The Right Shelter For Your Home On Wheels

RV Covers Vs. Garages

Are you planning to purchase your first motorhome, or do you already have one? And why shouldn’t you? After all, 2024 is a good year to buy an RV since the inflation is shifting in the buyer’s favor. This brings a much-needed price relief to the RV industry in America. And yet, it is also a suitable time to invest in your own metal RV carports as winter is coming by the end of the year. But why get metal carports? We will discuss several aspects of giving correct shelter to your beloved motorhome. Let’s roll on.

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind when thinking of an RV shelter is a fabric cover. Most people gravitate towards it because it is the cheapest option on the list. But cheap doesn’t always mean good. If you are new, let’s find out what RV fabric covers, carports, garages, etc., are and what you should pick.

What Are RV Covers?

These are made of fabric with an adjustable buckle-like fastener attached to it that holds the cover in place. The fabric is made using polypropylene or polyester material as they are waterproof and resistant to rip. Some brands may offer RV covers with double or triple layers for extra roof protection.


  1. It is the cheapest option for covering your RV.
  2. It protects from direct sun and rain exposure as they come with waterproof and UV resistant.
  3. It also saves the RV’s roof from bird-dropping.
  4. Good quality RV fabric covers come with breathable fabric that can let moisture escape.
  5. It does not require a dedicated space. You can cover your RV anywhere.


  1. Polyester blends can become brittle in the sun and develop cracks, which can allow water and moisture to seep inside.
  2. Vinyl may release gases as it ages.
  3. The tires are still exposed to the surroundings and moisture from the ground. You will need to add and remove the tire cover from time to time for inspection.
  4. There is a chance of mold development due to moisture retention.
  5. RV covers can be inconvenient to put on and take off, especially for larger motorhomes. It may require more than one person to accomplish the task.
  6. Hardware parts of the RV fabric cover, such as buckles, can rub against the exterior paint and cause scratches.
  7. It can reduce the efficiency of RVs with solar roofs for charging batteries and other appliances.
  8. No matter how high-quality RV covers are, they can’t protect your motorhome from dents due to hail storms or branches falling on its roof due to high-speed winds.

What Are RV Garages?

Modern RV garages are made using structural steel as a primary material. That’s because they provide a permanent shelter for your RV and retain their structural strength with time. Steel is also environmentally friendly and resistant to pests, fire, mold, and extreme weather conditions.


  1. It protects your motorhome from harsh UV rays, which can prevent paint from fading, prolonging its lifespan. It also saves motorhomes from dents, scratches, and everyday wear and tear, so your motorhome will hold its value better
  2. It saves you from regular dusting and everyday roof cleaning and is pretty low maintenance.
  3. Metal carports are multi-purpose units. They can be used as a shaded patio space, outdoor lunch/ BBQ area, organizing evening parties, and outdoor seating space.
  4. The entire structure of metal carports is anchored to the ground. This keeps the frame from becoming airborne.
  5. They are permanent structures, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting them on and removing them every time. RV carports also come with easy parking.
  6. It is all-weather resistant. For people living in areas prone to earthquakes, speedy winds, and heavy snowfall with hail storms, RV metal garages made with 12-gauge steel frames are one of the best options in the market.
  7. Metal shelters for RVs come with different roof styles. The three major ones are regular, horizontal, and vertical. You can pick regular/ horizontal for a traditional appearance and vertical for an extreme weather zone.


  1. Since metal garages and carports are permanent structures occupying land on your lot. Placement can be a bit tricky if you don’t do it correctly.
  2. They come with a one-time investment (but are worth every cent).
  3. They are built and designed for precision, so any mistake while installing can degrade structural strength.
  4. Since motorhomes are large and heavy vehicles, you will have to pour a concrete slab foundation, which will further increase the overall budget and timeframe for the construction.
  5. Bad quality metal or inadequate anchoring can lead to structural failures, such as collapse due to heavy snow load.

Myths About Steel Carports & Garages

Cookie Cutter: Most people think installing metal carports on their property will take away the charm, but that’s not the truth. You can design your steel garage or carport to store RVs and other household stuff with design elements that blend with your existing buildings.

Flimsy: Some people watch videos of aluminum panels getting airborne and think metal structures are weak. But that’s not true either. Structural steel with a 12- or 14-gauge steel frame can be designed to withstand various environmental factors.

Rusting: People are skeptical about metals as they are subjected to corrosion with time. First, not all metal rust, only iron & its alloy does. Steel is galvanized using zinc to tackle this issue, making it rust-resistant. So, you can invest in metal carports and garages worry-free.

RV Covers Vs Metal RV Carports: Benefits Of Installing Metal Carports And Garages For Your RV

  1. It makes your life easier and hassle-free.
  2. You don’t have to adjust metal carports even now and then.
  3. It gives complete protection to your RV and reduces its upkeep cost.
  4. Before the installation, you can make the carport a multi-functional unit.
  5. It can increase your property value by up to 11%.
  6. It gives you all weather protection.
  7. You can get up to 30% less on insurance premiums.
  8. You can add accessories like a gutter, insulation, electric lines, color, privacy screens, side panels, cover gable ends, and vents for airflow.
  9. If your RV has a solar rooftop, you can simply take it out from the carport to the driveway, charge it, and then park it back.

Get The Ultimate RV Protection

As we have seen above, metal RV carports and garages are not only long-lasting but also add to your property value when pitched to the right buyer. Metal RV covers make your life easier and RV storage hassle-free. So, you should definitely consider investing in one.