Best Learning Apps for Kids

Learning Apps for Kids

Gone are the days when schools were the only place where your child could acquire quality education. In this digital era, there is an abundance of great apps for kids that are both fun and educational.

These apps cater to different areas of learning for children such as reading, general knowledge, trivia and much more. All you need is a high-speed internet service providers and you are good to go.

Here we have made a list of some of the best learning apps for kids. These apps ensure that your child learns something productive while simultaneously being entertained.


The world is growing at a rapid pace and this is the era of globalization. No longer can you be happy with learning just one language because in the professional world you need to communicate with people from all over the world. Imagine how amazing it would be if your child could speak more than one language?

Duolingo is the perfect app for such ambitions. It offers a vast variety of languages including Spanish, French, English, Italian, and Dutch among others and the best part is that it is completely free to download. The interface is designed to give a game-like experience to keep children engaged.


For some students, math can be quite frustrating. Unlike other students, they struggle with simple concepts. Dragonbox offers a perfect solution for such kids. It is a fun and an interactive educational game that teaches math.

The game is made up of five different areas that are available as five different apps. Each app targets a separate area of math such as algebra and geometry. The game does require an upfront payment, but does not have any in-game payments.

YouTube Kids

Videos are probably the most engaging form of content out there. We spend countless hours every day watching our favorite videos. Similarly, kids also enjoy spending time in this activity. Keeping in view this phenomenon, YouTube has launched a separate platform for kids known as YouTube Kids.

It is filled with an abundance of educational and entertaining videos. The app is built to cater to the unique nature of kids. All the content available on the platform is children-friendly, so that you do not need to worry about children stumbling onto inappropriate content.

Fish School

Fish School is the perfect app out there for preschoolers. It offers several colorful activities that appeal to small children. It teaches various important concepts such as shapes, alphabet, numbers, and several others.

There is a fish that adopts funny shapes to deliver each lesson, which is quite entertaining in itself. It is available for download for iOS and Android users.


This phenomenal app is developed by the National Science Foundation. Even though the app only works on tablets, the features it offers make it worth it. It is filled with numerous videos and high-definition pictures regarding all sorts of scientific topics.

The data available on the app is purely authentic and is gathered by different scientists around the world. One cool thing that it offers is the feature of viewing 3D models of scientific images.

Stack the States

This app is just perfect for teaching your children about all the states in the country. They can learn about their abbreviations, capitals and what is famous about them. The app delivers this knowledge in a game format.

As you progress through each level, a stack of shapes is formed, which eventually leads to the formation of the map of the United States. Also, it does not have any 3rd party ads, so your children would not be exposed to any unapproved content.

Habitat the Game

This game teaches children the value of caring for the environment. It portrays a virtual environment and involves children in real-world activities. The game may ask a child to turn off an idle light or tap water.

Apart from having fun, children also subconsciously become responsible. They realize the importance of the resources that they have and why they should not waste them.

Phonics Ninja

This game combines the fun of slashing like a ninja and learning alphabets in one single time-consuming activity. Children can learn sounds that all alphabets make and how they sound if used in different combinations.

The game further gives you the option to record your own voice in the game so that your child hears a familiar voice while playing the game.

Summing Up

With these apps, you can teach your kids a multitude of skills and ethics. Kids needs to kept entertained all the time since they get bored easily using that opportunity to teach them something is an added benefit. We do realize that there are tons of other great apps out there as well. However, these are the apps we could gather for you for the time being.