Top 6 Tips For Washing Your Motorcycle Safely

Top 6 Tips For Washing Your Motorcycle Safely

When you drive a motorcycle through an open road, various mechanical parts of the bike are exposed to dirt, dust, dead bugs, etc. These might appear to be simply an aesthetic inconvenience to many, but allowing filth to settle on your bike and its various parts will only affect its performance in the long run. Here comes the importance of regular bike cleaning. 

You don’t have to wash your bike every day. But, whenever you do, make sure you pay attention to minute details. To help you out, we have enlisted some tips to guide you in cleaning your bike safely. 

Wash Your Motorcycle in a Shaded Place

Ideally, bikers prefer to clean their bikes during the daytime on a bright sunny day to see better which areas need cleaning specifically. However, during the daytime, park your bike in a shaded region. This is because when you apply soap on the bike in direct sunlight, it will dry faster, leaving water soap marks and water streaks on the bike’s surface. It becomes difficult to remove them. Hence, to save yourself from the extra hassle, wash your bike in a shaded spot.

Block Your Exhausts Before Cleaning

If you are a responsible biker, you must be knowing that letting water enter your bike’s exhaust system will give you a bad experience on the road. The latest designs of motorbikes have exhausts that are fitted at such an angle that it becomes easy for water to slip into and collect inside. Therefore, you must plug the exhaust pipe, blocking its passage to prevent water from entering it. Use a rubber plug for this purpose. 

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Don’t wipe your motorcycle with any kind of cloth. Make sure you use an appropriate microfiber cloth that is specially designed for cleaning. These kinds of clothes are made up of incredibly soft fabric. Any stiff material used can leave scratches on the bike’s surface. Hence, using a microfiber cloth is like a precautionary measure. Another advantage of using microfiber cloths while cleaning your bike is that they absorb water ten times faster, making drying quick and easy. 

Don’t Use Any Household Solution Other Than Expert Recommended Ones 

Never use laundry detergents, household body soaps, or other cleaning solutions that aren’t primarily designed for bike cleaning. The materials used to manufacture your motorcycle are highly delicate, and their quality might be affected by using any harsh, acidic solutions. The harsh chemicals that are present in ordinary cleaning solutions can affect the metal parts of your bike. Hence, always use the cleaning solution or shampoo that the manufacturer recommends.

Let The Motorcycle Engine Cool Down Before Washing

Most people can’t wait to wash their bikes as soon as they reach home. This mindset is undoubtedly good, but you must give time for the bike’s engine to cool down properly. 

When the bike has been used for several hours, the metal parts and other components get highly heated. Washing them even when they are burning not might cause a nasty burn. 

Allowing the engine to cool down before cleaning the bike is beneficial in another way too. Splashing cold water to your bike, even when the other parts are hot, might lead the hose to crack.  

Don’t Forget to Lubricate the Chain

Obviously, you want to remove stubborn grease from every part of your bike. Don’t forget your bike’s chain in this case. Removing grease from a bike’s chain is challenging. Firstly, take a firm brush and clean the chain manually. Apply a lubricant and clean the chain again. Wipe off the extra lubricant with a clean cloth. Make sure not to over-lubricate your bike’s chain as it might attract dirt and dust. 

If you face any difficulty in the process, refer to your motorcycle user manual. Follow the instructions as stated there. Keeping your bike’s chain grease-free and lubricated is essential to enhance your bike’s performance. 

While cleaning, check the motorcycle batteries as well. Replace them if required. Lastly, when you are done washing your bike, use a commercial spray cleaning to give a final touch to the job. Make sure to use only recommended solutions that are non-abrasive and manufactured, especially for automobiles.