Artificial Intelligence and How it Can Improve your Customer Support


Being one of the most important “futuristic” inventions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making leaps and bounds in various sectors, customer support being one of them. AI simply means stimulation of human intelligence by machines, including learning, decision-making and self-correction. More and more companies are using AI to improve customer Support Service and enhance customer satisfaction.

Adding AI-powered features to your customer support operations can not only improve customer experiences but increases brand reputation as well.

What is machine learning and how is it helpful in customer support?

 In simple words, machine learning is the application of AI to enable systems with the ability to automatically learn and improvise from experience without having to program it all the time. Machine learning in customer support uses customer-related insights in several ways that can enhance the customer experience.

Let’s take a look at how AI and machine learning can help you accelerate and automate customer support.

#1. Strong and consistent customer engagement:

Gone are those days when support agents manually attended to every single query and resolve customer issues. An agent’s performance is generally based on the time taken to resolve customer issues. This is where AI plays an important role. Thanks to the data leveraged by the CRM software, agents have all the information about a customer in one single platform. This helps them understand the customer’s issue, access previous interactions and provide solutions that are tailored to their needs.

#2. Automated interactions:

AI-powered chat bots can initiate conversations, answer customers and provide them with relevant information in a matter of seconds. This enables the customers to get the precise information that they needed without having to wait for support agents to respond to them. In addition to saving money and human resources, this process helps in boosting customer satisfaction.

#3. Self-serve tool:

Kapture’s Self-Serve tool (based on machine learning) lets customers help themselves. Whether they have a simple query about the product or want to carry out a common task, they can do it themselves with the help of this tool. For instance, if you have an online food delivery business, customers can track the order, find out about latest offers or even cancel their orders by themselves. Self-Serve includes FAQs, forums and so on. While this saves time and reduces tedious manual processes for you, it helps customers get answers quickly.

#4. Automated ticket routing:

An automated ticket routing system assigns tickets to support agents based on criteria(s) that are unique to business. This makes way for efficient flow of ticket assignments and ensures no two agents are working on the same ticket. In addition to this, the system resolves tickets pertaining to simple issues, by itself. At the end of the day, better and faster ticket resolutions imply increased customer satisfaction.

#5. Personalization:

With so many brands and choices around, it’s easy for a customer to switch from one business to another if they find better personalized services. With an overwhelming amount of customer data available, it’s hard to stay on top of every customer’s detailed information. However, AI tools can detect patterns and behaviours, to create customer profiles that’ll make it easier for enterprises to deliver personalized services.

In addition to the above mentioned features, AI can also help in streamlining your customer knowledge, automating repetitive manual tasks, extracting precise data insights and predictions. Artificial Intelligence has been revolutionizing customer support for the past two decades. It has been optimizing the way enterprises deliver customer experiences by improving the speed and efficiency. Industries ranging from food, airline, clothing, retail, travel, etc are increasingly adopting AI and machine learning tools into their support operations.

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