The Most Influential Celebrities in the World of Fashion

The Most Influential Celebrities in the World of Fashion

With their work they are setting the standard for this industry. These characters are moving fashion in the world according to the list of the 500 of Business of Fashion of this 2018. Vlone Shirt is also very fashion in fashion industry.


Originally from the Bronx, USA, she has broken the barriers between fashion and hip hop. We have seen her both in the front row of New York Fashion Week and at the Met Gala. Meanwhile, their first album “Invasion of Privacy” has been multi-nominated and has broken records on the popularity charts.


She was already chosen in 2017 as the model and woman of the year, after passing through the covers of international magazines. But more than a runway beauty, she also has a project in which she wants women to speak uncensored about topics such as mental health, sexuality and physical appearance.


We know that this actress is a feminist and that she is involved in more than one humanitarian cause. He also uses his media power to raise awareness about the ecology behind sustainable fashion and processes. Therefore, she has been included in this list.


Gigi’s younger sister has found her way onto the catwalks of designers such as Balmain, Fendi, Versace, Chanel, Tom Ford and Givenchy. In addition, she has been the cover of various fashion magazines, as well as an actress in a 2016 short.


Perhaps one of the best-known faces in the industry, not only for his activity as a footballer for various clubs in Europe and the England national team, but also for becoming an icon of style together with his wife Victoria Beckham. In addition, it has been the image of brands such as Adidas, and made collaborations for international firms.


Together with her sister Bella, she has become one of the top models of a new generation. She has harnessed her power in the fashion industry to speak out about feminism, advocacy among women, and politically-themed issues like refugee camps.


She is not only an actress, singer and former beauty queen, but also the future wife of Nick Jonas. She took on global prominence after winning the Miss World pageant in 2000. She was known to the global fashion industry for her recent campaign with Gap, and for her unforgettable Ralph Lauren trench coat at the 2017 Met Gala.


The hip hop star has collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Canada Goose, as well as selling millions of records worldwide, and writing songs for other greats like Alicia Keys, Rita Ora, and Trey Songz.


She is the only member of the Kardashian Jenner clan who made it to this list. In just a few years she has become one of the most powerful faces in the modeling industry. Her credits include modeling for brands such as Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and Chanel. Additionally, she has tried her role as a designer alongside her sister Kylie.


The singer has not only become a true fashion icon, but has already begun to shape the sector through her business side that includes collaborations with big brands and the launch of her own line of beauty, perfumes and lingerie.


At just 23 years old, this South African singer has not only merged his voice with that of Ariana Grande, but has become an icon in the LBTQ community. In large measure to its openness to challenge gender barriers and bet on genderless firms. A clear example: his taste for the firm Palomo Spain.


Mary Kate and Ashley left the world of entertainment to build a solid career in the world of fashion. As designers they have created The Row and Elizabeth & James, two luxury firms, which have given those awards within the industry. They have also collaborated with Oliver Peoples.


Musician, actor and director, he has been the winner of awards such as the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the Sag, as well as being the masculine face of the Gucci brand. Another of his facets has been philanthropy, as he has participated in human rights campaigns as well as with help to those affected by natural disasters in Haiti and Japan.


The Italian has taken the activity of being a blogger to other levels. Her success on the web and as a designer has been such that she is the object of study at the Harvard Business School. Her nearly 15 million followers on Instagram have made her one of the most powerful young women on social media and her 15 million followers (only on Instagram) made her wedding a worthy event for all the brands involved like Travis Scott Merch.