A Life in Cargo: How Women’s Cargo Pants Fit into Every Lifestyle

How Women’s Cargo Pants Fit into Every Lifestyle

There are numerous lifestyles, a testament to a wide range of individualized personalities and ways of daily well-being. More than some might realize, fashion plays a big part in each type. Cargo pants are no different. They can fit into many lifestyles, such as the ones below, showcasing their versatility and function for the women considering wearing them.

Jet-setter lifestyle

Women who embrace the jet-setter lifestyle bounce from one locale to the next, attending various events and having thrilling and exciting global experiences. Cargo pants can be a must-have item for ladies, often traveling by train, plane, boat, or car. 

Cargo pants and various types of pants for women allow you to be comfortable while going to and from your destination instead of sitting in restrictive clothing for several hours. The pockets also let you carry multiple small items, such as a wallet and phone, instead of digging around for them in your handbag. The quick access will reduce your time waiting in long lines, checking through security, or finding your ticket. 

Another perk is that the versatility of cargo pants lets you cut down on the pants, handbags, or backpacks you need to pack in your suitcase. You can dress them up or down by wearing heels and a satin blouse for a night out or going casual in sneakers and a white t-shirt for sightseeing. 

Beach/coastal lifestyle

A beach/coastal lifestyle focuses on enjoying the ocean and sand, embracing relaxation, and balancing daily responsibilities and a low-key, peaceful vibe. Many cargo pants have a relaxed fit for this easy-as-possible lifestyle.

LA-based brand Sanctuary said, cargo shorts are also excellent for beach walks when you would rather not carry anything. Put items like your keys in your pocket so you can focus more on the beautiful scenery and less on worrying about dropping your small belongings in the sand. In addition, you will have pockets to store seashells or other treasures found on the beach. 

Workaholic lifestyle

Many people love their jobs so much that they enjoy a workaholic lifestyle, from networking to working long hours. Cargo pants are not typically associated with many work environments, and ideas are changing. 

They can fit into many industries and environments if they align with the current dress code. Small items, like phone chargers and business cards, are ideal for a workaholic to fit into their pockets and take with them wherever their busy day takes them. 

Outdoorsy lifestyle

An outdoorsy lifestyle is what it sounds like. It involves getting out and enjoying nature, doing activities like riding a bike, going for a walk or a hike, and going fishing. 

Cargo pants are durable and not confining, allowing for easy movement as long as you get the correct size. However, you also do not want to choose an oversized version, which can be more cumbersome than complementary to the lifestyle. 

Most people prefer to be hands-free and avoid carrying a handbag or backpack when exploring outdoor activities. While you should bring all the necessary safety equipment while doing anything outdoors, the pockets on the pants are the perfect places to put small items you want to avoid digging through a backpack. For instance, your phone, a whistle, small garbage bags, and gum would be great to bring and fit flawlessly without feeling heavy.

Digital nomad lifestyle

A digital nomad typically works remotely while traveling from one place to the next, often not having a standard work location. One day, they may be in a coffee shop in one state, and a few days later, they are working from a beach in another. 

Small items that could easily fit in the pockets of cargo pants range from in-ear headphones to a phone charger. This pants style also allows for comfort in various settings, whether you are typing away while working on a train or in an airport on the way to your next destination. 

Urban/city lifestyle

Living in a city/urban area often means being in a beautifully diverse community offering many activities. Depending on where you live or traveling, you could quickly go from getting brunch to going to a museum to trying a new restaurant for dinner in the evening on the same day. 

You should avoid carrying an oversized handbag when you go from one place to the next, especially if you travel via public transportation. Take the small necessities, like your phone, keys, and money, and put them in your pockets so the only items you need to worry about carrying in your hands are the ones you buy along the way.

The previously mentioned are only some lifestyles in which cargo pants could be an asset. With many more women discovering their immense style and versatility, it is no wonder that pants are steadily increasing in popularity. However, remember to seal up your pockets so everything stays put, especially while walking around, and you might not notice. Take time to find a pair or two of cargo pants that work well for your particular lifestyle and daily interests, and find out just how beneficial they can be for your wardrobe.