Diamond vs Sapphire Engagement Rings

Diamond vs Sapphire Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a life-altering decision purchased for a major change in life. When it comes to the purchase of these rings, buyers get a variety of options to choose from. Some buyers choose traditional diamond engagement rings while others choose vintage or sapphire engagement rings.

As compared to women, men usually have less knowledge about engagement rings, their style, trend, etc. This further makes it tough for them to pick the best engagement ring for their lady love. At this time, the only option they are left with is either to take someone’s support for the purchase or to improve their knowledge regarding the engagement rings.

Engagement rings are usually made with diamonds. But with the change in trend, many people have started adding gemstones to them. But for the buyers, it becomes stressful to choose between diamonds and sapphires. Those who are well aware of their differences and benefits easily pick the best one for them, while others end up picking the wrong engagement ring. Some common points of difference between diamond and sapphire engagement rings are mentioned below. Let’s have a look at them so you can easily pick the best engagement ring.

First Impressions

Diamond engagement rings are loved by almost all. They easily grab the attention of the viewers and are highly attractive. The number of diamonds and their size defines the overall cost of the diamond engagement rings. But on the other side, sapphire engagement rings are usually preferred by those who have a particular interest in them. 

No doubt sapphire engagement rings are very beautiful and charming but are less attractive than diamond engagement rings. No matter whether the color of the sapphire is white, yellow, green, blue, peach, etc., or how expensive the sapphire is, a sapphire engagement ring cannot define its cost, easily. 


Diamond engagement rings include diamonds that are beautiful and are formed under high heat and pressure conditions. They are formed deep within the crust of the earth. While on the other side, sapphire engagement rings include sapphires that are formed during the transformation as well as the cooling process of igneous rock. They too form within the earth’s crust but are gem-quality minerals. They are a crystalline form of aluminum oxide.


Sapphire’s engagement rings are easily available in almost all shades. But blue sapphires’ engagement rings are most desirable. Many women avoid sapphire engagement rings just because they do not go perfectly with all the outfits. However, diamond engagement rings are preferred for their forever look. These rings include diamonds that are colorless but are most valuable. Buying a custom diamond ring makes it easier for you to add the right number of diamonds to your ring. 

Final Thoughts 

No matter whether you are looking for a sapphire engagement ring or a ring with cushion cut diamonds, just make sure to first pick the right jeweler. Buying an engagement ring from a professional supplier helps you get the surety of purification. With this becomes easy for you to make the right investment and save money. Professional jeweler not just provides you quality rings as per your requirement but also gives proper certification for the same.