6 Ways To Find A Designer To Create Your T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs

Cool custom screen printed t-shirts are all the rage today They are great for promoting a new brand, product or an event. The wearer becomes an evangelist and the t-shirt can be used again as well. All these benefits rolled in one and with the added benefit that it is an affordable marketing option makes t-shirts popular.

Many platforms provide a comprehensive range of services for t-shirt and shirt printing. But many need you to come up with a design to create these cool t-shirts. Which is easier said, than done, especially if you are not a designer or have no designing experience. To overcome this obstacle, here are a few ways you can create a stunning design for your t-shirt without burning a hole in the pocket.

Online graphic designing tool

One of the best gifts of the latest technology to small business owners and entrepreneurs are the AI-based tools. Now you can wear many hats while running your business with these tools, even design your own t-shirt. The tools do the work for you by creating the design based on your preferences, industry and purpose for the t-shirt. As you finish choosing all the options, the tool provides a few designs to choose from. You can also check how those designs would look on a t-shirt with the help of mockups.

Behance or Dribble

Behance and dribble are the digital platforms preferred by designers to interact and share their works. If you are looking for an established designer, you can check out their portfolios and choose the designer whose style you find appealing.


Another way to design a rocking t-shirt is to get the best in the industry to compete for it. With crowdsourcing, you can consider the designs created by the best designers in the industry and have your pick. A t-shirt maker such as Designhill is great for creating a contest for designers to respond and share their designs. You are offered a large array of designs by the competing designers within 7 days!

Freelancing platforms

Today, we have plenty of freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer that bring clients and freelancers together.  There are reviews from the past clients and based on your brief, freelancers can share their price quote along with their portfolios.

Merchandise websites

There are certain merchandisings websites which sell already created t-shirt designs which are ready to be used with a shirt maker. These designs are curated for a diverse range of topics and industries. You can find some designs here which can be used for more than t-shirts. Why not consider a wide range of marketing tools such as stickers, posters etc later using the design you choose for the t-shirts.

Graphic designing agency

While there are benefits of commissioning the design to freelancers, sometimes you may need reinforcements. If you need something specifically designed or an entire range of designs, you can hire a graphic design agency. They may offer you a shorter turnaround time but it may cost you more as compared to the other options.

Custom t-shirts are great promotional tools for small businesses as well as large. Using these simple ways, you can acquire the best t-shirt designs. If you prefer creating your designs, you can use a graphic designing tool or You can take care of other tasks while a crowdsourcing platform takes care of your t-shirt design needs. If your budget allows, you can even hire an established designer or go with a fresher with the help of platforms like Fiverr. With all these design resources, you can create the t-shirts that are a huge hit with everyone.

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