Curb Appeal: Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exteriors Without Going Broke

Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exteriors Without Going Broke

When it comes to improving the look and value of a home, it’s something that most homeowners want to do, especially if they want to sell their home in the future. Improving the look of your home’s exteriors is what the real estate industry calls curb appeal. The only thing about improving the look and value of a home is that it can get quite expensive, depending on the type of upgrades you do.

For homeowners who intend to sell their home, they’re more than likely going to opt for the major exterior renovations like having a concrete patio installed by concrete patio contractors or investing in new siding and windows. But for those who aren’t selling their home and simply want to give your home a fresh new look, there are simple ways to improve your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Creativity on a Budget

Improving the look of your home is very possible with a little creativity, “elbow grease,” and thrifty spending habits. Take a look at these seven budget-friendly tips on how to improve your home’s exteriors. You’ll feel like you moved into a new home! And at an affordable price!

Replace or Paint Your Front Door

Have you ever just stopped to take a good look at your front door? Probably not because you’re so busy going in and out of it. The next time you walk in your house, pause for a moment and look at your front door. Does it look worn? Is it outdated? If so, have you ever thought about giving your front door a facelift or a completely new one?

We sometimes forget that doors endure the elements and that can date them. Consider completely replacing your door to give your home a new look. If replacing your front door is a little out of range for you financially, consider painting your door. You have the option of simply refreshing the current color of your door or you can transform your door completely with a bold and bright new color!

Get New Hardware

You’d be surprised at the difference new or updated hardware can make on the appearance of your home. Everything from doorknobs to house numbers will enhance your home’s appearance. You can either paint them or replace them with something shiny to give your home a little sparkle.

Clean Up Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a home exterior project that you can hire the pros for but it’s also a project that you can do on your own and you don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb for it either! You definitely want to keep your lawn and bushes trimmed and add flowers to complement the greenery. By improving your landscaping, whether for aesthetics or growing a garden, it can not only improve the look of your home but it can also be very therapeutic for your mood.

Enhance Your Mailbox

You might be thinking a mailbox is just a mailbox but what you don’t realize is that a mailbox can truly enhance your home’s appearance. Whether you buy a new mailbox or paint your old one, the awesome thing is that it’s something that can be done in an afternoon and won’t take up your entire day.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever noticed how your house can look one way during the day and look completely different at night? If you don’t have outdoor lighting, your house can look like a very scary place. The thing that’s so great about installing outdoor lighting is that it not only makes your house look nice at night and adds an ambiance but it also protects you from the dangers of potential criminal activity on your property.

Having outdoor lighting makes criminals think someone is home, therefore making them less likely to try to intrude on your property. But the only way outdoor lighting will work in your benefit is if you install and maintain them properly, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

You need to make sure you’re picking the right lightbulbs, clean them properly and with the right cleaning solutions, and place them in areas of your home’s exteriors with security in mind.

How Will Improve Your Curb Appeal?

As you can see, it doesn’t have to cost lots of money to improve your home’s curb appeal. Simple and thrifty tactics will get you the home improvements you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.