5 Tips on Organizing Your Closet

Tips on Organizing Your Closet

When it’s time to do some spring cleaning, one of the projects you might undertake is to organize your closet. While this can seem like a daunting task, planning it out as you would prepare for any home improvement project can make the task seem more manageable. You can use the following tips to separate the project into smaller tasks that are easier to undertake.

Separate Everything by Category

The first step to take in organizing your closet is to pull everything out and pile it in an area where everything can be left undisturbed. The temporary storage place you use should be fairly large to ensure you’ll have room to work. As you pull things out of your closet, take the time to separate each type of clothing or accessory. For example, delicate shirts or blouses should comprise one pile, while denim jeans should comprise a second pile. This system will make it easier for you to see which items are rarely worn and can be either sold or given away. You should only keep items that are worn frequently.

Clean Your Closet

Now is the time to give your closet a thorough cleaning. You should begin by looking for lone safety pins, tacks, and other items that may have gotten lost among your clothing through the years. Looking for stray pins now will save you from stepping on them or getting your finger pricked later. Once you’re sure the closet is clear of debris, you can start dusting the shelves and wiping down the walls. You can use a traditional household cleaner, or you can opt for an eco-friendly solution, such as a solution of warm water and lemon juice. Regardless of the type of cleaning solution you use, be sure to pat everything dry with a clean towel when you’re done. You can finish up by giving the floor a thorough vacuuming or sweeping.

Add Drawers and Shelves

This is your chance to use your sense of creativity in redesigning your closet space. You can add shelves to the walls or install a series of drawers to maximize lower space and areas to the left and right of the hanging space. If you don’t have the materials to create drawers, visit a store that sells custom size exterior doors to find more alternatives for maximizing your space. Shelves can be used to store sweaters, denim jeans, and other thick items that should be folded. You can use drawers for storing undergarments, socks, and other unmentionables. Use drawer dividers to keep each type of item separate from the others.

Don’t Leave Wall Space Unused

In organizing your closet, you should try to make use of every available space in the area to ensure you’ll have plenty of room. You can do this by hanging racks on the walls that haven’t been used for extra shelving. You can hang jewelry, belts, and other accessories from the racks. You can also add a hanging shoe rack to free up floor space. One unique idea is to secure plastic bins to the walls or to the back of your closet door. You can label each bin for a specific type of accessory to ensure everything is easy to find. Your most commonly used items should be kept at eye level.

Hang Your Delicate Items

All of your delicate items, such as dress pants and blouses, should be hung on hangers in the center of your closet. These items can be sorted by the type of clothing, or they can be sorted by color. It’s up to you to choose the system that most appeals to you. Since you have already gotten rid of the clothing that you don’t wear, all of the clothes in your closet should be items you enjoy wearing regularly. By the time you’re finished hanging everything, you should find it easier to pick out the wardrobe and accessories that are ideal for any occasion.

You can use these tips to organize any type of closet space in your home or office. When you’re finished, you’ll have more space, and you’ll know where to find everything as it’s needed. Additionally, you’ll have eliminated items that are just taking up space, leaving the closet roomier and easier to use.