Tips for Creating A Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Tips for Creating A Beautiful Backyard Oasis

An oasis is a little spot of paradise, where nothing else matters except the people around you and you can tune the rest of the world out for a short period of time. You don’t need to go on an exotic vacation for an oasis–you can create one yourself in your backyard without spending a lot of money! We’ve curated a list of the best tips to create your beautiful backyard oasis, where stepping outside your backdoor feels like you are back out on vacation. As we approach summer and the weather is getting nicer, what better time to start working on your dream backyard oasis?

Clearly Demarcate the Space

Remember, an oasis is a little lush spot in the desert. Make sure your backyard oasis is clearly defined in your space. Whether it’s a few chairs and tables clustered in the corner, or a gazebo on the patio with a fire pit, make sure it’s clear to any new person walking into your backyard where the gathering space is.

Provide Options for Lounging

Part of what makes up an oasis is having several options to get cozy. Get creative and create as many as possible. Sling up a big hammock with some colorful pillows, repaint your old lawn chairs and get some plush new cushions, or (if your budget allows) splurge on some chaise lounge chairs or an outdoor sofa. Don’t forget the blankets for those cool summer nights to make staying outdoors nice and cozy.

Have a Focal Point

Yes, having a focal point to ideal for getting your oasis just right. It helps to naturally have something where your friends, family, and guests can all congregate around to facilitate chatter. This can be something as simple as a sturdy table with a nice centerpiece or board games, a fire pit for telling stories and roasting marshmallows, or even a pool if you have one. Having a space where people can circle around within the oasis is a natural way to get everyone comfortable and enjoying the time shared together.

A DIY Fire Pit

We mentioned a fire pit is an excellent center point of your backyard oasis, and we’re so serious that we suggest a DIY version. Of course, you can spend the money on a pre-built one: you can pick from endless options to something as simple as a metal bowl, or as sophisticated as a custom stone one with gas flames. However, a DIY fire pit is a fairly simple and easy project–all you need is the proper stone, and some YouTube tutorials to create your fire pit. Even without the marshmallows and ghost stories, what’s a better way to spend a cool summer evening than around a crackling fire?

Outdoor Lighting and Sound System 

A fire pit will provide natural light, but you can elevate your oasis and really make it stand out after dark with some elegant lighting. You can find several affordable outdoor lights that are often solar-powered and don’t need batteries or extension cords. If you’d like to amuse your guests (at the cost of a little more money), you can buy smart lights that connect to your phone and change colors at the touch of a button, setting the mood for any evening after the sunsets.

And, why not have a little background music in the oasis? Any old wireless speaker you have lying around will do, but a speaker specifically designed for the outdoors is ideal. You might forget a speaker after a long night, and the last thing you want is for it to get caught in those summer rains. Outdoor speakers can be bought for fairly cheap; some are designed to go for a splash if you’d like your tunes in the pool. Others are built to mimic stones, logs, and birdhouses, so you can create your inconspicuous surround sound in the great outdoors.