These Tips Will Keep You Safe When You Move to Chennai

These Tips Will Keep You Safe When You Move to Chennai

So, you’re leaving the comfort and familiarity of your hometown and moving to Chennai? Well, we’re sure you’re buzzing with excitement at the prospect of starting your new job or college life in the city. But once you move into your 1 BHK flat on rent in Chennai, see the moving company out and shut the door, you’re confronted with a new reality. You’re alone in this place, without your parents to keep you accountable or your childhood friends to keep you entertained. You have to be responsible for yourself. And that can be a bit daunting at first. But don’t let worries about your safety keep you from enjoying yourself in your new city. It’s perfectly possible to have a blast exploring Chennai while keeping yourself safe and alert. Especially since Chennai is a pretty safe place to begin with. Our tips will only help you stay extra cautious and maximise your personal security. Check them out!

Safety in numbers

This is pretty routine protocol and especially applicable when you’re new to a place. Try to buddy-up if you’re exploring the city on your own or heading to unfamiliar places. Whether this is an off-campus party or a restaurant in a far-off part of town, ask some of your newly introduced classmates or friends to join you. It’ll give you a chance to get to know them better and ensure that you’re not alone. Especially if you’re venturing out after dark, it’s best to find other people to accompany you. And if it’s completely impossible to find some company, make sure that you text someone reliable about your whereabouts and check in with them regularly so that you can be assured of your safety.

Get your own drinks

If you’re out at a bar or a party where drinks are being served, make it a habit to get your own drink or to watch it being made. This is the best way of ensuring that no one can slip anything into your drink without you noticing. Try to avoid leaving your glass unattended, and definitely don’t accept drinks from any strangers around you. This might seem like a bit of an extreme step but it’s better to be extra careful in order to stay safe. And remember that if something tastes off about your drink, don’t just chug it down. Ask the bartender to replace it or get yourself a new one. Even if no one has tampered with your drink, this could be a sign of faulty ingredients or expired syrup and you don’t want to be consuming that.

Carry some self-defence equipment

If it helps you feel safer, you should invest in some simple self-defence equipment that you can keep in your bag at all times in Chennai. This doesn’t need to be anything extreme. Having a small can of pepper spray or mace on hand might make you feel a lot safer about going into unfamiliar or dimly lit areas and reduce your paranoia, even if you don’t end up needing them. It’s also best to ensure that your phone is always charged and working in correct order during emergencies, so invest in a portable charger that you can take with you as well. You could even get yourself a keyring alarm or an emergency app that you can download to alert others in the case of an emergency. These simple tips can go a long way towards making you feel safe in a new city.

Choose safe housing

When you’re moving to Chennai, you need to find a place to live where you feel safe and comfortable. It’s not the 1BHK flat rent in Chennai which should be your determining factor, but the security of the building and the facilities that it provides. Choose an accommodation that’s in a safe and well-lit neighbourhood and has adequate security measures in place. Your building should have CCTV surveillance as well as watchmen on duty so that you can be assured of your safety. Inquire into the building’s protocol for receiving guests and deliveries as this will also let you know about the vigilance with which outsiders to the building are treated. If you’re not sure about your safety in any local housing, you could opt for a managed accommodation provider like Stanza Living which provides you with a tech-enabled security system, and residences with biometric entry. With these kinds of measures in place, you’re sure to rest easy. 

With these tips, you won’t have to worry about constantly looking over your shoulder and worrying about your safety in Chennai. So, go ahead and put them into practice and have a great and worry-free time in your new city.