HRM (Human Resource Management)

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a process of recruiting, hiring, deploying, and managing employees and their day-to-day work in an organization. The main duty of this department is to keep a keen eye on the rules and regulations of the organization being followed by workers and their bonding with the organization.

HRM deals with the management of employees in the form of assets where their target is to use the maximum potential of employees by minimizing risks and getting results more than expectation by maintaining a healthy work atmosphere. This whole management system is managed by an HR officer who is well qualified in courses of HR management by having either a master’s or professional degree in it. One can study courses related online also through a mobile teacher app. Through a mobile teacher app, one can get all theoretical knowledge regarding HR management but it will be more effective if one has some professional experience regarding it too.

The job of an HR manager is to appoint such professionals to important positions related to the work of the organization, who can perform the responsibilities of their respective positions in every department of the company and achieve the goals given to them within the right time frame. HR departments’ size can vary according to the size of the organization. Somewhere in a small organization, you can find only one HR manager, somewhere only a few HR managers, and somewhere you can find many HR managers dealing with different sections of HR departments as the size of that company can be very big and its work can be on an international level.

The HR manager according to his job is focused on various important duties such as he has to accomplish the social and ethical needs of employees as well facing and solve challenges related to the same. HRM does not allow even a simple dispute in the smooth functioning of an organization which can bring any big failure. HR managers not only deal with recruiting but also take care of proper training and proper execution of knowledge gained by employees during training so that utilization of resources can be done in the proper manner. An HR manager keeps an eye on the motive that every employee should be allotted with proper designation and work according to their potential and talent. HRM also takes care of their employees in an efficient manner by supporting their personal dreams such as supporting their education or development in their career so that employees can remain satisfied with their jobs. They also deal with the grievance handling of the employees. It is the most important part of HRM, because if employees are working with a set goal, definitely some will deviate from their objectives due to several disturbing elements around them. That can be a human mistake also or a situational hurdle, in that case, HR intervenes, and with the experience and knowledge to deal with such situations, he/she tackles the situation and soothes employees to maintain the relationship of employees and organization.

For an effective HR, management HR needs to have some specific knowledge also such as he should have proper knowledge and degree in compliance law where various laws are used also from company’s side and employee’s side too. For example, whenever an appointment letter of an employee is prepared by HR, it is not a mere document only. It includes rights of employees towards the company and also rights of the company towards employees along with law favoring those rights.

To perform the above-stated duties as HR under HR management Hr department also use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP is software that is used by an organization for the planning and managing of daily activities such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, services, financial and other processes that are part of the daily functions of an organization.

HRM is a direct bridge between employees and the organization. This management maintains relationships between both in an efficient manner so that employees follow the instructions of level and top-level and take care of important things of employees such as their wages, salaries, bonus, promotions, and their increments. This bond which is maintained by the HR department many times saves an organization in crucial times, where employees put their everything at stake to save their company. HRM also deals with risk and safety management of the employees and keeps the employees safe by providing enough safety equipment and taking safety measures at the working place of workers.