How to Style Stacked Denim

How to Style Stacked Denim

If you’re yet to jump on the stacked jeans trend, now’s the time. 

While celebs and fashion icons have lots of stacked pants, everyday people are donning the style too. 

Perhaps the best part about stacked jeans is, besides being super fashionable, you can wear them all year round. 

What is Stacked Denim?

The look is created with a pair of jeans where the inseam from the knee to the ankle is purposely made longer. This can range from 30 to 45 inches!

As suggested in the name super stacked jeans, the aim is for the jeans to create a stacking look, which means, the longer the inseam from the knee the better, as there’s more fabric to stack.

The great thing is, with stacked jeans, you no longer have to be conscious about how far your denims fall around your ankle. This takes a lot of worry out of whether you need to opt for heels or trainers when you’re wearing everyday boot-cut and skinny jeans.

How to Get the Perfect Stack

The goal is to create a pile of small folds on the lower parts of your jeans.

For a stack that sticks, skinny jeans can provide longevity without too much fiddling with the fabric throughout the day. 

To achieve the best look, create stacks while looking in the mirror to gauge how the style is coming along, and whether it needs tweaking. 

Also, try different brands and materials to see what fabric holds the look, while still being comfortable to wear. 

As denim can be quite rigid, to begin with. Whereas fabric manipulated to look like denim, which has elastic inside, may feel more comfortable to wear, more giving to curves, and hold the stacks better.

Once you’ve achieved the desired stack, consider wearing footwear like boots or high tops to prop up and sustain the stacked denim look.

Who Does Stacked Denim Suit?

The popularity of stacked denim is growing worldwide with fashion-forward individuals. 

They offer a trendy spin on traditional jean styles. 

But those yet to take the plunge and buy a pair, are wondering whether they’ll suit them. 

The good news is, all genders, age ranges, heights, and people with different styles are adding stacked denim to their wardrobes, and putting their own spin on the style.

So whether you’re short or tall, or for example, tend to wear alternative or hip-hop-inspired clothing, you can make the stacked denim look work for you. 

But, ultimately, to see whether the trend works with your look, and to see if you like it on you, you have to try it on. 

If you’re confident in your fashion choices, this won’t be difficult. But if you’re hesitant, why not toy with stacking denim jeans at home first, to see whether you like it, and if you’d be happy wearing the style outside.

Style your Stack 

For tips on how to get the most out of your stacked denim, look no further. Stacked jeans are highly versatile, you can dress them up or down to suit the season and occasion.

Here are some quick tips to help you create a casual, smart, and layered look for cooler climates.

Keep it casual: For a relaxed look, add an oversized tee, and Nike dunks to create a street wear inspired image.

Smart/Casual: Add a tucked-in fitted shirt, and pair the ensemble with loafers to elevate the look of your stacks. 

Layer up: A fashionista’s ultimate tip to surviving the autumn and winter months in style, is to layer the look. Add a graphic tee and bomber jacket to remain casual. Or dress it up with boots, a plain tee, a scarf, and an oversized coat. 

You don’t have to be an Instagram influencer or a style guru to wear stacked denim. 

Experimenting with new and different styles can make you feel confident and well put together. 

So if you’re yet to try it on, what are you waiting for?